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6 Cape Town landmarks for travellers

While local and international tourists tend to flock to Cape Town's malls and beaches, Durbanville Hills cellar master Martin Moore believes that the Mother City's landmarks are often left unexplored.
“November, December, and January months are some of the busiest in Cape Town with people visiting from all over the country as well as other parts of the world. I believe that the beautiful city of Cape Town has so much to offer visitors as well as its very own residents during the festive season, which is also the perfect time to explore and discover its offerings.”

In light of the upcoming holiday season, Moore suggests a few prominent landmarks that are definitely worth the trip for tourists and locals alike.

The Noon Gun

In the early 1950s, Cape Town authorities decided to fire a cannon at (more or less) noon every day as a time signal for the sailors who docked in Table Bay for shelter against the Atlantic storms. Decades later and this long-time Cape Town tradition based on Signal Hill is still visited daily by locals and tourists to watch the cannon shot being fired.

The Cableway

A ride up our famous cable car is possibly one of the very best ways to experience Cape Town, and yet it’s still on the bucket list of many Capetonians, who have yet to experience the thrill. The Cableway is the gateway to an awe-inspiring experience of Cape Town from a unique perspective atop the majestic Table Mountain.

Green Point Lighthouse

The cheery red and white candy-striped lighthouse in Green Point with its foghorn, affectionately known as “Moaning Minnie”, is well-known for guiding ships along the misty Cape coast. This was the first solid lighthouse structure on the South African coast and is the oldest operational lighthouse in South Africa.

The Promenade

The promenade starts at Mouille Point near the Waterfront and ends at the end of the walkway in Sea Point. At the start of the “prom”, various family interactive activities are available to keep the young ones busy, including the playground, putt-putt golf, and the child-sized locomotive that steams through the Blue Train amusement park.

The Company’s Gardens

Located right in the centre of the city is a favourite for both locals and tourists. The Company’s Gardens is home to the first Chenin Blanc vine, the South African Museum, and the Cape Town Holocaust Centre, where you can view exhibits about the atrocities suffered by Jews during World War II.

The Castle of Good Hope

The Castle of Good Hope holds a 350-year-old history, and visitors can take part in an educational journey into this landmark’s hidden past. Built by the Dutch East India Company between 1666 and 1679, the castle is the oldest existing historic building in South Africa. For an authentic taste and grasp of the Mother City’s beginnings, this should be every traveller’s first stop.

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