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#MarketingFridays: Tapping into the African consumer

In this video, Nyiko Chauke of Marketing Fridays interviews Khumo Theko of I See Africa about her role as a trends specialist and some insights into the African consumer...
Theko says she takes an ariel view of global issues, innovation and disruption and then looks at how this bridges to Africa, noting that the continent often does things differently to address these and other local issues.

Therefore, she believes businesses need to understand how to interact with the black consumer.
We haven't actually taken the time to understand the different dynamics of an African black consumer. We all talk about being 'African', but then what does it all really mean? Not from a poetic, idealistic way, but as a company, when I say that I want to tap into the township economy and actually bring some purposeful impact within that demographic, how do I do it, where do I go to and how then do I ensure that the impact that we have isn't frivolous?

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21 Sep 2018

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