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'Incorpor8' video into your marketing strategies or miss out!

If you've not yet realised the power of online video in getting a marketing message across to the masses, you're in for an eye-opener...

There's no denying people are tired of simply reading through reams of text to get to the crux of a marketing message. That's why images - and more specifically, moving images coupled with audio - are finally having their place in the spotlight.

Webpage FX states that your customers are "nearly 10 times more likely to interact with a video than a block of text". That's why video was a top marketing topic for 2014 and is only expected to increase in popularity as time goes on, especially if the following tweet holds water:

But how exactly do you translate your corporate message into video? Dean Paarman, Creative Director of Incorpor8, explains...

Bizcommunity Let's start with the basics - tell us the impetus behind Incorpor8.

Paarman: The agency was started in late 2013 when Kieran Crowley, Managing Director, and Duane Nicol, Sales and Marketing Director, had the initial idea of renting video equipment out for weddings, social events, corporate events and the like.

After a brief discussion, they decided against that idea and to rather film and produce these videos ourselves, because the market was already highly saturated with agencies doing average work for exorbitant prices.

Only later in 2014 did I come on board to help pull up the anchor and let Incorpor8 out of the dock.

Bizcommunity Explain the agency name and how it's relevant to your line of work.

Paarman: 'Incorpor8' was the cleanest and most logical of all the options we had and it worked well with the vision we maintain: "Business owners need to start focusing on incorporating social strategy into their business." It's no longer just a place for passing on pictures and status updates. It's become one of the biggest selling tools and the possibilities are endless, when done well. Also 'Incorpor8's got a ring to it, and you'll be surprised how often the word comes up in daily business talk, especially in our field - "Let's incorporate those ideas into the video..."

Bizcommunity Makes sense. Let's talk about new developments in the industry that have enhanced your overall skillset recently.

Paarman: Well, photography and videography as a whole is a rapidly growing market within South Africa and, as such, the tools are getting better, simpler to use and more freely available. With video becoming more popular by the second, clients want it NOW. Our main advantage is using the power of video to tell digital stories. The basic concept itself may not be new, but we believe it will gain huge traction and become more accessible to smaller businesses in 2015.

The Incorpor8 management team: Crowley, Nicol and Paarman
The Incorpor8 management team: Crowley, Nicol and Paarman

Bizcommunity OK then, what makes your agency stand out from the rest?

Paarman: Price. Professionalism. Perfectionism. Extremely good looks.

Bizcommunity A winning combination. Let's go into Incorpor8's strategy.

Paarman: We brainstorm once we receive the brief, and conceptualise our ideas into a product that the client can imagine, which isn't something many production houses do. Most of them are drones that simply do what the client asks for. We thrive off the excitement of idea sketching and drive it right through the production phase. We evolve "their" ideas to speak to the masses on a social level and then re-present that to "them".

Bizcommunity Describe the state of the local advertising awards industry...

Paarman: The local standard of work is mind blowing. Conceptually, we are on par - if not above - all the international markets. Locally, M&C Saatchi Abel and King James fit that description perfectly. Going to the Loeries or seeing the work produced in the Cannes is a must. We've not won any ourselves yet, but there are some incredible things on the horizon for 2015....

'Incorpor8' video into your marketing strategies or miss out!
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Bizcommunity We're intrigued. Tell us more about what's got you excited for the year ahead, and what's next for Incorpor8.

Paarman: Well, 2015 has just started and we're already working on some really exciting prospects. This year we're hoping to launch multiple weekly skits aimed at generating consistency for the brands they represent. Working with brands like Puma and Merida this year will only fast track our success.

We're launching a new website in the next few months, showcasing anything 'lekker' in Cape Town. It will have no boundaries and it will be open to any industry that chooses to be a part of it. This is by far one of the most exciting things we'll be doing in 2015.

Bizcommunity Lastly, what trends do you see as the biggest to come in 2015?

Paarman: Social media will almost certainly take over the way people transact. We also see video taking over useless product sheets, company newsletters, induction programmes and plenty more. 2015 is the year of the video and it's time to get on board.

You heard him, it's time to get on board the digital video train. Click here for more, here to follow Paarman and the Incorpor8 team on Twitter, and watch the video embedded below for more on Incorpor8's vision of the power of video.

Visit the Incorpor8 website to find out more about the Incorpor8 team and get familiar with their contact details, especially as Crowley says to contact them "for a meet and brainstorm session... On us." What are you waiting for?

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