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Arc Interactive takes part in the Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day initiative

Arc Interactive is proud to have hosted six female learners between Grades 10 to 12 from Minerva Secondary School as well as Sandringham High School, for the Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day® 2019 programme.
Arc Interactive takes part in the Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day initiative

ARC will be hosting learners over three days for personal and professional skills development workshops at their offices, starting on May 30th. The other dates are yet to be confirmed.

Over the course of these three days, learners will be provided with advice, information and guidance on a variety of topics - including career choices, preparing for the world of work, as well as setting and achieving personal and professional goals. They will also be introduced to useful resources such as links to bursaries, internships and free study material. Moreover, they will be provided with an overview of various career paths they may want embark on, and taught how to create a satisfactory CV.

Arc Interactive takes part in the Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day initiative

On the first day of the workshop, the learners were introduced to various departments and job descriptions within Arc Interactive. Under the mentorship of Zanthé Martinuzzi (New Business Manager), the girls were given a rundown of the inner workings of a digital marketing agency, where they got to see how each department functions to provide various digital services to clients.

Statistics from Cell C’s Take a Girl Child to Work Day® initiative show that for 17 years, this programme has had - and continues to have - a profound impact on the lives of millions of girls, with many choosing their careers based on their experience of a day in a particular workplace. By giving learners three days of exposure to the workplace, this year’s programme will have a sustainable and empowering effect on the learners’ future.

Arc Interactive takes part in the Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day initiative

This initiative contributes towards the development of strong, informed, and confident girls, who are prepared for the workplace. By exposing girls to a vast array of career opportunities they might have never known about otherwise, it helps raise a generation of hopeful, enthusiastic women, who look forward to their future role as active contributors to the country’s skills and economy.

Deputy Principal BT Johnson of Minerva Secondary School had this to say about Arc Interactive’s collaboration with the school, “These girls represent an entire community of Alexandra, so thank you for being a beacon of hope. You have left an indelible mark on each girl’s future and hearts.”

The staff and management at Arc Interactive are delighted to be a part of an initiative of this magnitude and impact. “At Arc Interactive we are committed to fostering gender equality and the empowerment of women through education,” Managing Partners Luke and Julia Goller expressed. “We are delighted to have taken part in this life altering initiative for young women.”

Arc Interactive would also like to extend their gratitude for the efforts and collaboration of Sandringham High School and Minerva Secondary School, with special thanks to Mr Mmethi, acting principal at Sandringham High School and Ms Mdlalose, Social Science and Geography teacher who accompanied students from Sandringham High School.

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