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Zambia to host World Communication Forum

Under the theme "Communication in a Changing World; Challenges and Opportunities", Zambia will make history this November as the first African nation to host the World Communication Forum, from 24-25 November 2020.
Zambia to host World Communication Forum

The two-day event will be co-organised by the Government of the Republic of Zambia in partnership with the World Communication Forum Association (WCFA) will be held in the country’s capital city, Lusaka.

South African Solly Moeng, vice president of the World Communication Forum Association, has been invited by the government of Zambia to participate in the event. He will also present a master class in crisis communication.

The forum will bring together professional communicators from various fields, including media, technology, diplomacy, tourism, public relations, advertising, research, marketing, brand management, and academia. They will come from different parts of Africa and other parts of the world to talk about how communication shapes all aspects of life, including health sensitisation, political cooperation and conflict resolution.

The forum will focus on five thematic areas, namely media as a driver of social development, territorial and country branding, crisis management, peace keeping and digitalization.

On day one, five interactive panels will be held with discussion topics that include “Media under Construction: Building Trust in a Post-Truth World”, "Crisis Survival: Turning a Bad Situation into Good Business" and "Fighting Words: How to Stop Conflict through Communication".

The second day will involve exclusive master classes providing in-depth insight into the ever-changing nature of digital communications and crisis communications.

Apart from a number of local speakers, such as Patrick Mutimushi of the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), other speakers include Irina Shreyber of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Charles Mafa of BBC Media Action, and Dr. Rose Fumpa-Makano, Dag Hammarkjold of the Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, and Amos Chanda, Former PR & Media Special Advisor to the Zambian President.

“It is exciting that the communication profession is being taken so seriously in Africa, beyond the traditional spin”, said Moeng, “as we enter deeper into a digitized world, all brands - personal, corporate, and public - have to master the art of adapting their brand communication to align with an increasing number of digital platforms and stakeholder communities. Any mistakes in this area can be very costly indeed.”

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