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Magazines ABC Q1 2019: No surprises as decline continues

The magazine category offered no surprises in the Audit Bureau of Circulations of South Africa's (ABC) first quarter (Q1) of 2019, with declining circulations of the past few years continuing.

The quarter declined 3% on the previous quarter and by just over 13% (13.1%) on the prior year.

The biggest decline on the previous quarter was in the Custom Magazines category, which also had the dubious honour of the biggest decline on the prior year – a decline of 18.6%, due to several large print titles being discontinued in the category. These include Ackermans Club, Edgars Club, Signature: Diner’s Club, and DStv Premium Mag/Tydskrif.

The smallest decline on the previous quarter was the Consumer Magazine category (decreased by 0.1%), while Business-to-Business (B2B) Magazines boasted an increase of 5.5% on the prior year – the only category to increase on the prior year. All categories showed a decline on the prior quarter.

Consumer magazines

Despite the slight decrease on the previous quarter and an 11% decrease on the prior year, a number of publications in this category showed good increases, both over the prior quarter and the prior year.

The best of the bunch is House & Leisure, with a 37.6% increase over the prior quarter and a 24.4% increase over the prior year. Good Housekeeping/Goeie Huishouding is next with a 34.2% increase over the prior quarter and a 22% increase over the prior year. Both showed increases in retail sales. Forbes Africa sees an almost 22% (21.9%) increase over the prior quarter and 23.4% over the prior year, following an increase in sales below 50% of the cover price.

Cosmopolitan’s figures were also positive, showing an especially good increase over the prior year of nearly 32% (31.9%), following increases in back issues and monitored free distribution.

Other movers include SA 4x4, Bona, Easy DIY, The Coffee Mag (103.8%), The Ultimate Braai, Stuff (104.9%), and The Wedding Guide.

Arts, Culture and Heritage
Publication namePeriodFrequencyPaid circulationFree circulationTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
Islam Today KZNJan -MarMtly00No issue
Jewish LifeJan -MarMtly8511,98112,066-3.3%-0.6%
Val de Vie MagazineJul -Jun2xA1,8359,34411,1790.0%
Business and News
African Business QuarterlyJul -JunQ6551,2371,8920.0%
Business Brief.Jul -DecAltM41,9201,43143,3510.0%-23.1%
EntrepreneurJan -MarMtly00Suspended
Financial MailJan -MarWkly, Fr13,798013,798-0.8%2.6%
FinweekJan -MarF14,7761,20015,9763.6%-12.2%
Forbes AfricaJan -MarMtly14,2183,99318,21121.9%23.4%
Green Economy Journal (formerly Green Business Journal)Jul -DecAltM1,4995,9667,4650.0%5.4%
NoseweekJan -MarMtly9,28409,284-6.1%-24.0%
Personal FinanceJan -DecQ00Changed Publisher
SA Real Estate Investor MagazineJan -MarMtly49714,78915,286-1.1%7.9%
Your Business MagazineJul -DecAltM00Discontinued
PeopleJan -MarWkly, Fr28,88616629,052-1.8%-7.2%
Conservation and Wildlife
African BirdlifeJul -DecAltM8,6675369,2030.0%14.0%
KRUGER MAGAZINEJan -Dec4xA6,9945207,5140.0%
Eat OutJan -DecAnn16,1264,38020,5060.0%-2.2%
Hello JohannesburgJan -MarMtly00No submission
TV Plus (Afrikaans)Jan -MarF21,078021,078-6.6%-25.9%
TV Plus (English)Jan -MarF10,500010,500-5.9%-31.5%
Family Interest
BonaJan -MarMtly73,5101,70975,21912.5%9.5%
DrumJan -MarWkly, Fr26,358026,358-3.4%-29.3%
HuisgenootJan -MarWkly, Tue174,3840174,384-0.2%-8.5%
LIGJan -Mar11xA17,76229918,0617.5%-19.1%
Plus 50Jul -Dec6xA5,8325376,3690.0%8.6%
The Big IssueJan -MarMtly00No submission
The CrestJul -Dec7xA011,87811,8780.0%-2.8%
The RidgeJul -Dec7xA014,50514,5050.0%-29.0%
Things to do with kids MagazineJan -DecQ011,05111,0510.0%6.8%
YouJan -MarWkly, Wed85,402085,402-3.3%-10.5%
Farmer's WeeklyJan -MarWkly, Fr10,4316810,4990.7%-9.1%
LandbouweekbladJan -MarWkly, Wed22,3084522,353-1.6%-18.1%
Landbouweekblad BoereplanneJul -JunAnn15,59942016,0190.0%7.3%
Landbouweekblad VeeJan -DecAnn9,85409,8540.0%5.0%
Marktoe!Jan -MarMtly09,8509,850-18.7%-5.7%
Veeplaas.Jan -Mar11xA4,5133,8898,402-4.7%10.9%
Health & Wellbeing
FatlossJan -DecAnn00Resigned
Longevity.Jul -Dec9xA00No submission
Muscle Evolution MagazineJul -DecAltM00Resigned
Conde Nast House & GardenJan -MarMtly21,5576,31027,8678.1%-16.9%
Easy DIYJul -JunQ6,8786,14213,0200.0%30.2%
Elle DecorationJul -DecAltM00Changed Frequency
Elle Decoration.Jan -Mar11xA00Discontinued
Estate Living.Jul -DecAltM00Changed Publisher
Food and Home EntertainingJan -MarMtly15,0382,20317,2412.2%-23.9%
Green HomeJul -DecAltM00No issue
HabitatJul -DecAltM12,44484613,2900.0%3.2%
House & LeisureJan -Mar11xA23,1222,56925,69137.9%24.4%
Idees/IdeasJul -DecAltM17,593017,5930.0%-4.5%
Kuier ComboJul -Jun2xA56,626056,6260.0%-19.7%
Landbouweekblad BoerekosJul -Jun2xA34,20069634,8960.0%5.6%
Lose It.Jul -DecAltM16,644016,6440.0%-24.6%
Plascon Spaces.Jan -DecQ00Discontinued
Real Estate.Jan -MarMtly00Changed Frequency
SA Garden and HomeJan -MarMtly36,4542,98439,4380.6%-7.9%
SA Home OwnerJan -Mar11xA27,1055,26132,366-0.9%-11.9%
Sarie Kos,Jul -JunQ28,3911,04529,4360.0%
Sarie WoonJul -JunAnn16,79586017,6550.0%-2.1%
The Gardener / Die TuinierJan -MarMtly24,9939,79934,792-6.3%0.6%
Tuis HomeJan -MarMtly72,6487,59080,238-2.4%-5.9%
Tuis Opknap / Home Renovations.Jul -JunAnn24,803024,8030.0%6.9%
Tuis Verf / Home PaintJul -JunAnn22,222022,2220.0%-7.4%
Tuis Werf / Home YardJul -JunAnn25,647025,6470.0%
VisiJul -Dec6xA14,57268515,2570.0%1.2%
Joburg StyleJan -DecQ8554,5605,4150.0%-6.9%
Prestige Magazine,Jul -DecAltM00Digital Only
Southern VinesJan -DecQ013,47613,4760.0%5.5%
The Coffee MagJul -JunQ1,6252,2903,9150.0%103.8%
The Ultimate BraaiJul -JunAnn5,6425,78811,4301.8%53.7%
GQ,Jul -Dec10xA9,0766,50115,5770.0%
GQ.Jan -Mar11xA00Changed Frequency
GQ..Jan -Mar11xA10,4402,06312,503
Men's HealthJan -MarMtly20,0741,26221,336-9.0%-26.4%
Popular MechanicsJan -MarMtly23,6897,60531,2943.1%2.5%
Stuff.Jul -DecAltM19,8442,70222,5460.0%104.9%
Very Interesting (former Braintainment)Jul -DecAltM12,7074,85417,5610.0%-3.2%
Bike SAJan -MarMtly13,3894,90818,297-5.3%
CarJan -MarMtly59,7506,95666,7062.2%-1.9%
Caravan & Outdoor Life / Kamp & KaravaanJan -MarMtly16,7381,16817,906-4.2%10.1%
Drive Out Trail Guide / Wegry Roetegids.Jul -JunAnn00No issue
Driven MagazineJan -MarMtly016,20316,203-1.5%0.0%
Leisure WheelsJan -MarMtly12,6995,56918,2681.7%22.0%
SA4x4Jan -MarMtly13,1773,33816,51521.6%12.1%
Speed and SoundJan -MarMtly00No submission
Super BikeJan -MarMtly4,2133,6917,904-13.0%-6.1%
Baba & Kleuter.Jul -DecAltM13,3591,59014,9490.0%-5.6%
Baby's and BeyondJan -DecQ014,86714,8670.0%-2.6%
Child Magazine - Cape Town.Jul -DecAltM047,95847,9580.0%0.3%
Child Magazine - Durban.Jul -DecAltM040,11740,1170.0%0.2%
Child Magazine - Johannesburg.Jul -DecAltM055,20755,2070.0%-0.3%
Child Magazine Pretoria.Jul -DecAltM040,18940,1890.0%0.0%
Expectant Mothers GuideJul -JunAnn00No submission
Living and LovingJan -MarMtly6,9442,2839,2273.6%-8.1%
MamaMagic MilestonesJan -DecQ014,95414,9540.0%-70.1%
Mamas & Papas.Jan -MarMtly7,1013,60310,7047.5%-9.1%
Your Baby.Jul -DecAltM8,2551,4689,7230.0%0.1%
Your Pregnancy.Jul -DecAltM11,3394,10915,4480.0%7.2%
AnimaltalkJan -MarMtly6,7243,47710,2015.2%5.3%
Dog DirectoryJan -DecAnn7,6678508,5170.0%0.4%
Sport and Hobby
Africa's Sportsman MagazineJan -Dec4xA7586731,4310.0%
BicyclingJul -Dec10xA9,45270610,1580.0%-6.0%
Compleat GolferJan -MarMtly6,0822,7438,8250.5%-10.0%
Fitness His EditionJul -DecAltM00Resigned
Game & Hunt/Wild & JagJan -MarMtly24,4681,18725,6551.2%60.0%
Golf DigestJan -MarMtly00Discontinued
HQ.Jan -MarMtly5,2219026,12319.1%2.2%
Kick OffJan -MarMtly22,0941,13123,225-1.4%-1.3%
MagnumJan -MarMtly9,52009,520-3.5%-11.2%
Modern AthleteJan -MarMtly063,69663,69614.7%-4.3%
Rock Surf and Deep.Jul -DecAltM2,83432,8370.0%-0.6%
Runners WorldJan -MarMtly00Changed Freq.
SA Cricket.Jan -DecQ9,1063,03012,1360.0%0.8%
SA FlyerJan -MarMtly4,9287515,67915.2%-4.0%
SA RugbyJan -MarMtly19,6792,33422,013-5.5%-7.2%
Signature GolfJan -DecAnn00Discontinued
The Bank Angler / Die OewerhengelaarJan -MarMtly6,8332,7929,625-16.6%-23.6%
The Bass Angler / Die BaarshengelaarJan -MarMtly1,1851,5902,77526.4%-2.3%
Wildland MagazineJan -MarMtly26,762026,762-3.5%323.3%
Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
African SafarisJul -JunQ6821,0741,7560.0%
Cape Etc.Jan -Dec3xA1,6487,5969,2440.0%4.9%
GetawayJan -MarMtly33,8287,10340,931-0.6%-8.0%
go! Drive & Camp and Weg! Ry & SleepJan -MarMtly30,55587931,434-4.4%-15.6%
SA Country LifeJan -MarMtly25,5812,35727,9384.9%-11.4%
The Great Outdoors Guide / Die Groot BuitelewegidsJan -DecAnn36,641036,6410.0%-15.6%
TravelIdeas.Jul -DecAltM4,7265,62710,3530.0%
Weg / Go PlattelandJul -JunQ29,176029,1760.0%-10.9%
Weg Namibiƫ / Go NamibiaJan -DecAnn28,833028,8330.0%-17.2%
Weg! Kruger / Go! KrugerJan -DecAnn00No issue
Weg! Ry & Sleep Oordgids.Jan -DecAnn12,431012,4310.0%-28.0%
Weg/GoJan -MarMtly52,0305,84157,8711.6%-5.0%
Wegsleep KampgidsJul -JunAnn00No issue
Woman's General
CosmopolitanJan -MarMtly38,5684,28542,85313.7%31.9%
Destiny MagazineJan -MarMtly00Discontinued
ElleJan -MarMtly00Discontinued
Essays of Africa.Jul -DecAltM00Digital only
EssentialsJan -MarMtly17,7661,55219,3185.1%-7.7%
FairladyJan -MarMtly29,0134,98633,999-4.6%-8.5%
Finesse.Jul -Dec9xA00Resigned
Fitness MagazineJul -DecAltM00Resigned
Glamour,Jan -Mar11xA20,22814,22234,450
Glamour.Jul -Dec10xA21,50112,10633,6070.0%
Good Housekeeping / Goeie HuishoudingJan -MarMtly47,8763,98651,86234.2%22.0%
KuierJan -MarF87,891087,891-4.4%-3.2%
Marie ClaireJan -MarMtly00Discontinued
Move!Jan -MarWkly, Th50,9814551,026-4.7%-27.0%
Rooi RoseJan -MarMtly60,2481,43761,685-4.2%-8.1%
SarieJan -MarMtly59,4276,42265,849-1.1%-7.9%
True LoveJan -MarMtly27,4544,23931,693-12.8%-6.5%
Vroue KeurJan -MarWkly, Fr43,93916544,1041.3%-8.8%
Woman and HomeJan -MarMtly51,8174,38456,201-17.0%-18.7%
Women's Health.Jan -Mar11xA21,8391,45123,290-10.4%-41.6%
Your FamilyJan -MarMtly22,4821,42223,9044.0%-10.8%
Woman's Special
BruidsgidsJan -DecAnn12,3294,21416,5430.0%0.1%
Fairlady BrideJul -JunAnn00No issue
Forbes Woman AfricaJul -Dec6xA00Changed Frequency
Nubian BrideJan -Dec2xA00Changed Publisher
SA Wedding AlbumJan -Dec2xA14,1332,27516,4080.0%15.5%
Sarie BruidJul -JunAnn00No issue
TroukoorsJan -DecAnn6,5393,0009,5390.0%
True Love BrideJul -JunAnn00No issue
Wedding GuideJul -JunAnn11,3916,09817,4890.0%89.4%
Wedding InspirationsJul -JunQ4,2675334,8000.0%-8.8%
Barbie MagazineJan -MarMtly8,7882,93311,7218.6%-2.6%
Post MatricJan -DecAnn0137,883137,8830.0%5.2%
The Official Safeways K53 Learner's and Driver's ManualJul -Dec6xA00Changed Frequency
The Official Safeways K53 Learner's and Driver's Manual.Jan -DecAnn201,5820201,5820.0%

B2B magazines

The only category to increase its figures on the prior year. The category still saw a small decrease of 0.3% on the previous quarter.

The prior year increase can be attributed to a number of publications showing excellent increases over the prior year, including The Specialist Forum Journal (+50.7%), Stockfarm (+41.6%) and Medical Chronicle (+50.7%). These publications also had small but positive increases over the prior quarter. However, the only one in double figures in the category is Civil Engineering with a 24.1% increase over the prior quarter.

Good increases also came from Leading Architect & Design, South African Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review, Explore South Africa, Analytical Reporter, DIY And Industrial Trade News (128.85), Trader's Friend - Convenience Stores, FMCG Franchises and Chain Stores (1041.3%), Trader's Friend - Independent Retailers and Wholesalers (594.25).

Publication namePeriodFrequencyPaid circulationFree circulationTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
Agri Inc. Die Boer / The Farmer.Jul -DecAltM026,90226,9020.0%-3.4%
Harvest SAJul -DecAltM1,5017,7819,2820.0%5.7%
OVK Nuus/NewsJan -Dec4xA05,0575,0570.0%-9.2%
Pro AgriJan -MarMtly839,30039,3080.2%
SA Graan / GrainJan -MarMtly016,15016,150-0.5%-3.5%
SABI MagazineJul -DecAltM944,7864,8800.0%2.5%
StockfarmJan -MarMtly6,1181,5747,6928.8%41.6%
Wildlife Ranching..Jul -DecAltM7,0592257,2840.0%-7.0%
WinelandJan -MarMtly1183,5423,6600.3%4.9%
earthworks.Jan -DecQ8,4972568,7530.0%
Floors in AfricaJul -Dec6xA017,86217,8620.0%3.6%
Leading Architect & DesignJul -DecAltM278,9418,9680.0%54.6%
Powered by SpecifileJul -Dec6xA04,6774,6770.0%
SA Building ReviewJan -DecAnn47911,51711,9960.0%6.9%
SA RoofingJul -Dec10xA93,0283,0370.0%-17.0%
Timber IQJul -DecAltM203,4033,4230.0%0.7%
To BuildJan -Dec3xA010,17810,1780.0%1.3%
Walls & Roofs in AfricaJul -Dec6xA017,85517,8550.0%3.5%
Auto Forum,Jul -DecAltM05,3635,3630.0%-17.7%
Automobil.Jan -MarMtly00Resigned
Automotive Business Review,Jul -Dec10xA010,12110,1210.0%-11.1%
Road Ahead, TheJan -DecQ19,3749,3750.0%3.1%
SA TREADSJul -JunQ06,9546,9540.0%0.1%
Civil Construction
Civil EngineeringJan -Mar11xA2412,87812,90224.1%13.4%
Civil Engineering Contractor, TheJan -MarMtly3392,6773,016-2.1%-3.5%
Concrete TrendsJan -DecQ03,0503,0500.0%-11.5%
Construction ReviewJan -MarMtly00Changed freq.
Construction WorldJan -MarMtly05,9735,9731.5%9.2%
IMIESAJan -Mar11xA693,9634,032-4.7%-3.7%
Plant Equipment & HireJan -MarMtly1672,1802,347-7.1%-0.4%
PrecastJul -Jun3xA02,4342,4340.0%-8.8%
Media, The.Jul -Dec8xA02,5342,5340.0%-20.4%
Nex MediaJul -Jun4xA04,1364,1360.0%-0.4%
The Gapp MagazineJul -DecAltM04,1394,1390.0%-1.1%
Electrical Engineering
Electricity & ControlJan -MarMtly05,1925,1924.0%12.2%
EnergizeJan -Mar11xA173,2553,2720.4%-15.0%
ESI AfricaJul -JunQ84,6614,6690.0%1.1%
Sparks Electrical NewsJan -MarMtly06,5936,593-0.9%-6.7%
Vector JournalJan -Mar11xA193,7183,7370.0%-7.2%
Engineering - Other
Capital Equipment NewsJan -MarMtly04,5954,5952.6%11.1%
DataweekJan -MarF03,2283,228-0.9%-5.8%
Energy DecisionsJul -JunAnn1,0006,6017,6010.0%
Engineer ITJan -Mar11xA143,1103,124-2.3%-16.7%
Engineering NewsJan -MarWkly, Fr3,3157,06610,381-1.0%-1.7%
MechChem AfricaJan -MarMtly05,1685,168-0.1%7.3%
Motion ControlJul -JunQ02,9472,9470.0%-5.2%
Plumbing AfricaJan -MarMtly493,7813,8301.8%6.0%
Position IT,Jul -DecAltM73,7943,8010.0%
Refrigeration and AirconditioningJan -MarMtly382,9723,010-2.8%-3.3%
SA Instrumentation & ControlJan -MarMtly04,7044,704-1.5%0.1%
Transform SAJan -DecQ00Non Payment
Water & Sanitation AfricaJul -DecAltM983,9924,0900.0%2.6%
Water Sewage & EffluentJul -DecAltM2632,3662,6290.0%-14.8%
Health and Wellbeing
Fire ProtectionJan -DecQ7137411,4540.0%3.7%
Hi-Tech Security SolutionsJan -Mar11xA04,7204,7201.1%-3.5%
International Dentistry Africa EditionJul -DecAltM04,0704,0700.0%-3.4%
LMSJul -DecAltM03,1023,1020.0%-30.6%
MDR Medical Desk ReferenceJan -DecAnn2,2942612,5550.0%26.9%
Medical ChronicleJan -Mar11xA313,15213,1554.0%26.8%
MIMSJan -MarMtly4,4254344,85943.5%-11.2%
MIMS Guide to OTC ProductsJan -DecAnn1403,0583,1980.0%4.4%
Modern Medicine MagazineJan -Mar11xA00Changed Frequency
Modern Medicine Magazine.Jul -DecAltM7273,6394,3660.0%
Occupational Health Southern AfricaJul -DecAltM2,35602,3560.0%-2.8%
Professional ForumJul -Jun3xA00No submission
SHEQ ManagementJul -DecAltM1385,5775,7150.0%4.4%
South African Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic ReviewJan -Mar11xA532,9493,002-0.2%64.2%
The Specialist Forum JournalJan -Mar11xA09,0489,0486.4%50.7%
Hospitality, Catering and Tourism
Business Traveller AfricaJan -MarMtly00Resigned
Conference VenuesJul -JunAnn00Resigned
Explore South Africa.Jan -DecQ1,4027,6679,0690.0%9.9%
Leading VenuesJan -DecAnn1,6685,2246,8920.0%55.2%
MeetingsJul -DecAltM243,7003,7240.0%-2.0%
The Meetings & Event Planner (former SA Conference Directory)Jan -DecAnn3214,63914,6710.0%9.2%
Travel News WeeklyJan -MarWkly, Wed06,2766,276-0.9%-3.4%
Analytical ReporterJul -DecAltM13,8843,8850.0%36.0%
Cold Link AfricaJul -DecAltM272,8032,8300.0%-6.1%
Eastern Cape Business..Jul -JunAnn09,7909,7900.0%-33.7%
Eastern Cape Industrial & Business NewsJul -DecAltM04,1204,1200.0%-2.9%
Free State Business,Jan -DecAnn09,7769,7760.0%-0.3%
Gauteng Companies..Jul -JunAnn09,7849,7840.0%-33.5%
Industrial BuyerJul -DecAltM3032,06332,0930.0%-6.5%
KwaZulu Natal Business..Jul -JunAnn09,7839,7830.0%-33.1%
KZN Industrial & Business NewsJul -DecAltM06,3706,3700.0%-2.9%
Lighting in Design.Jan -DecQ03,4753,4750.0%-2.6%
Limpopo Business..Jul -JunAnn09,9239,9230.0%2.8%
Metering International.Jul -DecAltM06,0716,0710.0%16.3%
Mpumalanga Business..Jul -JunAnn09,7909,7900.0%0.6%
Nepad AnnualJul -JunAnn09,4359,4350.0%-2.0%
North West Business..Jan -DecAnn09,7919,7910.0%0.0%
Northern Cape Business..Jul -JunAnn09,7899,7890.0%0.0%
Opportunity (Exploring Business Prospects in SA)Jul -DecAltM19,3599,3600.0%2.5%
Resource.Jan -DecQ9912,4243,4150.0%0.8%
SA Affordable HousingJul -DecAltM192,7222,7410.0%16.9%
SA Jewellery NewsJan -MarMtly8710871-1.8%-31.9%
Service (Leadership in Local Government)Jul -DecAltM1,5007,9809,4800.0%23.9%
South African Business.Jan -Dec2xA019,76619,7660.0%0.3%
South African Food ReviewJan -Mar11xA1254,4334,558-8.2%19.1%
The Green Building HandbookJan -DecAnn09,8989,8980.0%25.7%
The Responsible & Sustainable Tourism Handbook.Jul -JunAnn07,8437,8430.0%
The Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook.Jul -JunAnn07,8187,8180.0%-0.3%
The Sustainable Water Resource Handbook.Jul -JunAnn09,8969,8960.0%25.1%
Western Cape Business,Jan -DecAnn09,9539,9530.0%2.3%
Information and Computer Technology
BrainstormJan -Mar11xA4,8473,8388,685-7.7%20.1%
The MarginJan -DecQ03,5263,5260.0%-2.4%
African DecisionsJan -DecQ28114,71915,0000.0%-3.7%
Afropolitan.Jul -JunQ6528,8559,5070.0%1.1%
Black Business QuarterlyJan -DecQ1,0997,9209,0190.0%7.1%
Blue Chip,Jan -DecQ28,9578,9590.0%0.6%
Business GuideJan -DecAnn01,1351,1350.0%-8.5%
Business In DurbanJul -JunQ00Rebranded
Cape Business NewsJan -MarMtly316,0996,130-0.1%0.5%
Careers SAJul -JunAnn013,80013,8000.0%-13.8%
FA News.Jul -DecAltM1104,7594,8690.0%-28.4%
Infocom.Jan -DecQ01,5141,5140.0%-18.6%
LeadershipJan -MarMtly1,8197,3529,1715.0%14.7%
Money MarketingJan -MarMtly116,8066,817-0.1%-1.3%
Profiles Stock Exchange HandbookJan -DecQ2,4164,5947,0100.0%36.7%
Public Sector ManagerJan -MarMtly22419,17819,4020.9%4.4%
Salga Voice of Local GovernmentJan -DecQ09,8969,8960.0%1.2%
South African Business IntergratorJan -Dec2xA019,72219,7220.0%-1.7%
The South African School CollectionJan -DecAnn2785,9446,2220.0%-0.8%
Think Sales.Jan -DecQ00No submission
Top 500 SA's Best Companies,Jan -DecAnn00No submission
Top Women in Business & GovernmentJul -JunAnn00Changed cycle
Vision 2030Jan -DecAnn00No submission
Mining & Quarrying
African Mines HandbookJan -DecAnn6551,2221,8770.0%-3.2%
African MiningJul -DecAltM3912,0952,4860.0%-21.7%
African Mining BriefJul -DecAltM89599670.0%9.3%
EarthbrokerJan -MarMtly05,3825,3820.0%2.4%
Inside Mining..Jul -DecAltM373,5243,5610.0%-2.2%
Mining & Minerals Product ReviewJul -DecAltM923,2853,3770.0%-17.7%
Mining DecisionsJan -Dec2xA07,8967,8960.0%16.2%
Mining MirrorJan -MarMtly2792,5562,83546.1%-4.3%
Mining ProspectusJul -DecAltM09,0979,0970.0%5.6%
Mining Review Africa.Jan -Mar11xA04,6754,6750.6%1.0%
Mining WeeklyJan -MarWkly, Fr3,1327,39410,5264.4%-2.8%
Modern MiningJan -MarMtly05,3395,3395.8%6.2%
Modern QuarryingJan -DecQ02,4672,4670.0%0.1%
Quarry Southern AfricaJul -DecAltM1671,8452,0120.0%-24.4%
SA Mining.Jul -DecAltM04,8494,8490.0%-1.7%
Blue - Atlantic Seaboard & City BowlJan -DecQ09,9009,9000.0%
Seeff Property Pages - Altantic Seaboard & City BowlJul -DecAltM00Changed Frequency
The Greeff MagazineJan -Dec3xA029,50029,5000.0%-35.3%
DIY And Industrial Trade NewsJan -MarMtly19,8019,802-1.4%128.8%
Hardware Africa MagazineJan -DecAnn00No Submission
International Independent TraderJan -MarMtly07,3597,359-3.6%
Pharmacy Magazine (former Frontshop)Jan -MarMtly02,7442,7440.1%-14.9%
Pharmacy RetailerJan -MarMtly08,1338,1335.4%
SpotongJan -DecQ011,10711,1070.0%-1.5%
Supermarket and RetailerJan -MarMtly00
The International Convenience Store Retailer.Jan -Mar11xA08,2058,2050.4%
The International FMCG Retailer.Jan -Mar11xA08,3708,37010.5%
The International Hardware Retailer.Jan -Mar11xA09,3879,38712.6%
Trader's Friend - Convenience Stores, FMCG Franchises and Chain StoresJan -MarMtly010,95610,956-11.5%1041.3%
Trader's Friend - Independent Retailers and WholesalersJan -MarMtly020,30620,30620.1%594.2%
Trader's Friend.Jul -DecAltM00Changed Frequency
Transport and Logistics
Fleet.Jan -MarMtly00Resigned
Focus on Transport & LogisticsJan -MarMtly206,7636,7830.0%8.1%
Freight & Trading WeeklyJan -MarWkly, Fr4493,9204,3694.1%2.8%
Truck & BusJan -Mar11xA94,6534,6622.0%4.9%
Trucks and Heavy Equipment News..Jan -Dec5xA06,8316,8310.0%-3.1%

Custom magazines

The category took a beating showing heavy declines on the prior quarter (5.9%) and the biggest total decline on the prior year in the total magazine category. Despite this, there were a few positives. Inflight Magazine and Mango Juice both increased on the prior quarter and the prior year, with the latter showing a 46.6% over the prior year. Team SA (former Road to Tokyo) and Accountancy SA also had positive increases on the prior year.

Electrical Engineering
Publication namePeriodFrequencyPaid circulationFree circulationTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
WattNow..Jan -MarMtly013,45713,4570.5%-12.9%
DSTV Premium Mag / TydskrifJan -MarMtly00Discontinued
PriveJul -JunQ025,71625,7160.0%-1.0%
Family Interest
Crawford TimesJan -DecQ010,47110,4710.0%0.6%
Taalgenoot..Jan -DecQ68,2443668,2800.0%-1.2%
TrinitonianJan -DecQ05,8005,8000.0%-0.9%
Dairy Mail, The.Jan -MarMtly243,6783,702-0.1%-1.1%
Rooi Vleis / Red Meat,Jul -DecAltM112,42112,4220.0%1.4%
Wolboer / Wool Farmer.Jul -DecAltM04,9644,9640.0%0.0%
Health & Wellbeing
Fitlife.Jan -MarMtly27,0813,98531,066-5.0%-0.9%
Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Diabetes SAJul -Jun3xA01,5341,5340.0%-13.9%
JumpJul -Jun4xA0123,916123,9160.0%9.4%
Life HealthcareJul -Jun4xA085,71485,7140.0%-1.1%
SA Family Practice.Jul -DecAltM00Resigned
SA Journal of Gynaecological OncologyJul -Jun2xA01,0751,0750.0%-1.4%
SA Pharmaceutical Journal.Jul -Dec10xA106,6486,6580.0%2.1%
SA Pharmacist's Assistant (SAPA)Jul -JunQ04,9194,9190.0%0.3%
South African Medical JournalJan -MarMtly47913,99214,471-1.3%-1.5%
Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia &AnalgesiaJul -DecAltM22,1372,1390.0%3.7%
The South African Journal of Clinical NutritionJul -JunQ41,7931,7970.0%-5.8%
Wound Healing Southern Africa (WHSA)Jul -Jun2xA21,6871,6890.0%-10.1%
Fresh Living / Kook en KuierJan -MarMtly0447,115447,115-0.9%-3.7%
Living Space..Jan -MarMtly58,4963,28261,778-4.0%-4.6%
My Kitchen..Jan -MarMtly104,1405,755109,895-1.1%7.5%
Industry Specific
Estate Living,Jan -MarMtly00No submission
Forum TydskrifJan -DecQ0148,045148,0450.0%5.0%
J S EJan -DecQ2,17015,47517,6450.0%-0.6%
Lifting AfricaJul -DecAltM03,7793,7790.0%2.0%
SA Franchise Warehouse.Jul -DecAltM00Resigned
Sea RescueJul -Jun2xA084,01084,0100.0%3.5%
ServamusJan -MarMtly11,52010911,629-2.2%-7.9%
Solidarity Magazine / Solidariteit TydskrifJul -Dec6xA0162,546162,5460.0%6.1%
Sonke Magazine,Jul -Jun3xA047,99947,9990.0%0.7%
TAPPSA Journal.Jan -DecQ00Discontinued
High Life SAJan -MarMtly016,48516,4850.0%0.0%
In Flight MagazineJan -MarMtly018,13118,1313.9%17.6%
IndweJan -MarMtly013,63913,63941.2%-31.4%
Kulula KhulumaJan -MarMtly020,92020,920-0.2%-0.2%
Mango JuiceJan -MarMtly023,46623,4664.5%46.6%
SawubonaJan -MarMtly068,90068,9000.0%-22.4%
SkywaysJan -MarMtly324,00024,0030.0%0.0%
CheersJul -Dec6xA034,80034,8000.0%0.0%
EquinoxJul -DecAltM036,38336,3830.0%-5.1%
Fancourt Lifestyle and LeisureJan -Dec2xA00Discontinued
Legacy InspiresJul -Jun3xA022,90322,9030.0%24.7%
Nedbank Golf ChallengeJul -JunAnn015,80015,8000.0%-10.7%
onRouteJul -JunQ012,28312,2830.0%-0.2%
Private EditionJul -JunQ014,49414,4940.0%-8.8%
Signature : Diners ClubJan -Dec2xA00Discontinued
Slow MagazineJan -MarMtly012,37612,3762.0%-0.1%
Taste.Jan -Mar11xA29,12422029,344-1.3%-1.9%
Team SA former (Road To Tokyo)Jan -DecQ3,45714,13617,5930.0%60.6%
WildJul -JunQ64,33311064,4430.0%-0.7%
ManJan -MarMtly54,8365,66260,4981.4%-6.5%
Tech..Jan -MarMtly54,0625,05659,118-2.3%-5.6%
Medical and Allied Health
Bounce (Formerly Bankmed)Jul -Jun3xA0107,632107,6320.0%-34.7%
Medi - Clinic FamilyJul -JunQ064,84364,8430.0%9.3%
Motor..Jan -MarMtly32,9047,12540,029-1.6%-4.5%
Accountancy SAJan -Mar11xA019,93319,933-23.2%78.0%
Acumen,Jul -JunQ214,70014,7020.0%-0.5%
Architecture Journal of SA Institute of ArchitectsJul -DecAltM2524,3294,5810.0%1.6%
De RebusJan -Mar11xA7812,29512,373-45.7%-45.7%
Digest of South African ArchitectureJan -DecAnn1,2327,3308,5620.0%-2.2%
Strategic Marketing Magazine.Jan -Dec4xA00Non Payment
TAXtalkJul -DecAltM3675,6315,9980.0%-10.0%
The Journal Of The SAIMMJan -MarMtly203,4633,483-8.1%-5.4%
Ackermans Club (formerly A-Plus)Jul -Dec8xA00Discontinued
Clicks Club Card.Jul -DecAltM7,725367,792375,5170.0%-15.0%
Club MagazineJan -MarMtly419,22513,780433,005-3.1%-6.2%
Edgars Club MagazineJan -MarMtly00Discontinued
Jet ClubJul -Dec10xA0401,503401,5030.0%-11.5%
Sport and Hobby
SA Hunter/Jagter.Jan -MarMtly44,500044,500-2.0%-2.0%
Soccer ClubJan -MarMtly70,6095,48976,098-2.5%1.4%
Sports Club.Jan -MarMtly132,2985,833138,131-5.8%-8.3%
Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
AA TravellerJan -DecQ56,59187157,4620.0%-4.4%
Best of Cape Town Central City.Jan -DecAnn055,07555,0750.0%-7.9%
EscapesJan -MarMtly41,1802,22043,400-8.9%-16.8%
Moments magazineJan -Dec6xA03,3053,3050.0%10.9%
PremierJan -MarMtly014,17214,1721.6%-0.4%
Woman's General
Balanced LifeJan -MarMtly73,1226,50579,627-0.1%-11.9%
ClubXJan -MarMtly96,3696,320102,689-2.4%1.1%
Kids Super Club.Jan -MarMtly124,49010,047134,537-2.3%11.5%

Free magazines

This category also declined on the prior quarter and the prior year, by 3.1% and 7.9% respectively.

Publication namePeriodFrequencyTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
Botswana Advertiser.Jan -MarWkly, Fr92,9652.1%6.8%
Get It (Ballito to Umhlanga)Jan -MarMtly19,8660.7%1.6%
Get It (Bloemfontein)Jan -MarMtly14,7650.0%0.0%
Get It (eMalahleni - Middelburg)Jan -MarMtly14,9220.3%0.2%
Get It (Highway)Jan -MarMtly19,8700.3%0.4%
Get It (Joburg East)Jan -MarMtly21,883-10.3%-10.3%
Get It (Jo'burg South)Jan -MarMtly22,160-10.1%-10.1%
Get It (Jo'burg West)Jan -MarMtly21,912-4.8%-11.5%
Get It (Lowveld)Jan -MarMtly14,7503.0%3.0%
Get It (Northern KZN)Jan -MarMtly13,6604.0%-5.2%
Get It (Northern Suburbs Joburg)Jan -MarMtly24,687-17.3%-17.2%
Get It (Pretoria)Jan -MarMtly19,7750.9%5.5%
SANParks TimesJul -JunQ99,9000.0%0.1%
The Bay MagazineJan -MarMtlyResigned

Web traffic

101 titles submitted web traffic data.

Email newsletter bet delivery

34 titles submitted net delivery data.

Magazines ABC Q4 2018: Magazine freefall continues

The Audit Bureau of Circulations of South Africa's Total Magazine circulation was disappointing for both the quarter and year as percentage decline for both are higher than the other quarters in 2018...

By Danette Breitenbach 14 Feb 2019

About Danette Breitenbach

Danette Breitenbach was the editor and publisher of Advantage, the publication that served the marketing, media and advertising industry in southern Africa. Before her editorship, she was deputy-editor as well as freelancing for over a year on the publication before that. She has worked extensively in print media, mainly B2B, in the fields of marketing, mining, disability marketing, advertising and media.



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