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Future of food at AB7

Processing and packaging technology in food and beverage industries is advancing at a rapid rate and the AB7 2015 show will host conferences and workshops focusing on the latest global food and beverage production technologies available and the new business opportunities these provide to producers in Africa.
Future of food at AB7
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AB7 takes place from 21-23 June 2015 at Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand.

FoodTech Conference

The FoodTech Conference, titled 'A Spotlight on Food Manufacturing and Marketing in Africa', focuses on the development and growth of Africa's food industry and takes place on 22 June 2015.


  • The African Food Market: An Industry Perspective
  • The latest food and consumption trends: What is in store for 2016?
  • Harmonising revenue growth and cost reduction strategies
  • Food Safety - The trust gap between food brands and consumers
  • Where is packaging headed? Challenges and opportunities facing FMCG
  • Food manufacturing for the future - African growth and innovation
  • Developments in food processing technology and innovation

"Africa's middle-class has grown to 34% of the continent's nearly 1 billion people and, as its standard of living escalates, its choice of food and beverage products evolves too," says John Thomson of Exhibition Management Services, organisers of AB7. "There is a growing demand for fruit juices across Africa year-on-year, and manufacturers will need to upgrade their technologies. Italian exhibition organiser, Fiere di Parma will be presenting a workshop on the role of technology in the increasing consumption of juices worldwide."

Processing, beverages, packaging workshops

Upper- and middle-class Kenyans have begun buying products that provide health benefits, such as fresh juice. Nigerians are also becoming more health conscious, as juice manufacturers continue to market their products intensely. Compounded consumer demand for juice in Nigeria is expected to grow at 9% each year. Cameroon grows a wide variety of fruits that are used to produce juices and its annual market for juice beverages is expected to grow by 10% this year.

"The workshop covering juice consumption and the role of technology will provide useful information to business owners on new developments and techniques for juices and purée processing, packaging and new products, and how these create opportunities for growth," says Giacomo Rotunno, MD of Senaf Promo Export, Italian export advisors and organisers of the event.

The latest research on strategies and technologies for sustainable processing and enhanced consumer satisfaction will be covered in a workshop titled 'New instruments to enhance safety, sustainability and efficiency in the dairy industry'.

"For example, the Technische Universität München in Germany is conducting research on more energy-efficient ways to produce powdered milk concentrates," adds Rotunno. "Powdered milk is an important ingredient in baby formula and many baked products and confectioneries. The researchers have succeeded in reducing the energy needed to concentrate milk by 20%."

The beverage sector is volatile and operators need to stay up to date on competitors and trends. The DrinkTech conference focuses on developments in the beverage value chain such as raw materials, filling, flavouring, manufacturing, marketing, packaging, machinery and end-usage and takes place on 23 June 2015.

For more information, go to www.vdsmedia.co.za.

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