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10 essential tools to increase sales productivity for SMBs

In order for a business to survive today's competitive environment they have got to make sales. Sales do not just come to businesses; businesses have to look for them. In order for a business to make sales and to capitalise on the benefits of such a sale, they need to utilise all of the resources and tools available to them.
10 essential tools to increase sales productivity for SMBs
The internet offers all sorts of amazing and effective tools to help boost sales productivity within a business. Some tools are free, some are not, but regardless of whether you have to pay for them or not they (more often than not) offer great benefit to your organisation.

We have compiled a list for your convenience demonstrating what we believe to be the most useful sales tools available aimed at boosting firm productivity. These tools have all of the right characteristics that make them ideal for filling the gaps in the sales process. There were a number of criteria include that were critical for a sales tool to make the cut, some of which include:
    • Ease of use
    • Integration capability with other sales technologies
    • Automation of commonly requested tasks
    • Mobile-friendliness
Without further ado, here are the top 10 sales productivity tools that your SMB might consider.

1) Sellsy

Sellsy allows you to integrate all of your business functions into one convenient and simple to use interface. This prevents you from having to dabble in multiple software and tools. This simple to use interface will allow you to become more organised, as well as allow you to send sales documents more efficiently and quickly. This sales productivity tool can greatly benefit your SMB as it allows you to get business done faster, which in turn allows you to do more and doing more means making more money.

2) Insightly

Insightly allows you to have all information that you need at your fingertips. That means no more searching through copious amounts of files to find one document. You can use this tool to manage and track leads, as well as for proposals and files, among many other things. Insightly also allows you to create goals and workflows, integrate social media platforms, manage your sales pipeline, and so much more. This sales productivity tool helps immensely with organisation and therefore will help your SMB run more smoothly.

3) UberConference

UberConference helps you schedule and hold conferences effectively and efficiently via the internet. These audio conferences can be held and accessed from any computer, where you will have the ability to add as many as 100 participants, including potential or existing clients! There are many available options to choose from including seeing participant information and video, adding additional visual elements and so much more. This tool can be accessed from any device that has a web browser which means that you are no longer limited in when and where you can communicate with your team or your clients. This ultimately increases internal and external communications, thus boosting profits.

4) Inside Sales

Inside Sales is a sales acceleration platform that enhances the sales experience for both the seller and buyer. This sales productivity tool uses communication, analytics and automation in order to boost productivity. It allows you to prioritise your leads, as well as receive immediate lead emails about potential prospects. Increased sales means increased profits.

5) offers cloud PBX, a reliable and affordable cloud-based business phone system which allows you to communicate where you want and how you want, with the use of a single number to be used across various devices. There is no software or hardware needed and the tool automatically does a quick scale to effectively meet the needs of your SMBs size. With Switch you can make high quality calls from your business line with no limitations.

6) Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is a CRM application allows you to update contacts, leads and accounts from your Gmail. With this tool you can sync your Google Calendar to Salesforce, save emails right to Salesforce, and access all Salesforce tasks all from your Gmail. Cirrus Insight gives you opportune ability to keep track of your team and their progress without micromanaging. You will have the ability to supervise what is getting done and what is not, as the systems is frequently updated.

7) WorkinBox

WorkinBox is your mobile inbox that allows you to integrate with Salesforce. This tool organizes your inbox in line with the CRM structure, which leads to huge increases in productivity. The tool also allows you to access CRM information such as contact data and files, from anywhere; as well as receive real-time updates about ongoing activities and create tasks from email.

8) Clari

Clari is a science-based platform that is geared at getting your team through selling processes and boosting team productivity. The tool will teach you and your teams how to keep deals from being delayed, close deals faster, and prevent deals from being lost. This tool will ultimately increase profits because it helps you and your team to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

9) iMeet

iMeet is a browser and cloud-based video conferencing software that will allow your team to communicate with each other through a variety of audio and video methods. The tools allow connection with up to 125 people at one time and you can hold virtual meetings with groups of as many as 15 people. The tool features helpful built-ins such as file sharing, chat and note taking. Using iMeet will boost your SMB’s internal communication and increase productivity thus boosting sales.

10) ClinchPad

ClinchPad is a web-based CRM that helps you to track deals. Its virtual interface gives you a unique angle that lets you manage your sales pipeline better than ever before. Features include the ability to customize sales stages, set goals, visualise sales, track sales, track performance, and create lead-based to-do lists. All of which increase productivity, which in turn boosts sales.

At the end of the day, productivity increases sales and sales boost profits. The only way that your SMB can grow is to make sales. Using the above sales tools will immensely help to increase your team’s sales productivity, therefore benefitting your bottom line.

Did we forget something? If you know of a sales productivity tool that SMB owners will benefit from, please share. We would love to hear about it!

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