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QuickEasy BOS makes seasonal packaging and printing campaigns profitable

The packaging and printing industries are bending over backwards in a bid to stay flexible to keep up with the demand for seasonal campaigns. Combined with the flood of post-pandemic new product launches, it means it is go-time for the printing and packaging industry across the world.

The days of packaging just being a boring container are long gone. Printing and packaging allows for content marketing, storytelling, brand loyalty, upselling, and more. Packaging has ballooned into a behemoth $900 billion industry (McKinsey, 2019) that uses vast volumes of resources, energy and raw materials.

The industry is further being fueled by a post-pandemic rise in consumer optimism, which is boosting the pace of new product launches in a bid to catch up with the spend recovery, similar to what the consumer-goods industry saw following the Great Recession of 2008.

Technology is transforming the packaging industry, however, according to McKinsey, the packaging industry is still in the early stages of adopting digital. This offers forward-thinking packaging and printing companies significant opportunities to reduce costs, increase revenue, and boost working capital ahead of the pack.

Digitising back-office and manufacturing functions is not as sci-fi as one would think. The humble ERP or business operating system (BOS) essentially does just that, and more. Trusted BOS names, like QuickEasy BOS, integrate all back-office, front-office, and production processes, automate admin, and boost efficiency. It also offers significant opportunities to increase customer interaction and improve tracking and tracing. QuickEasy BOS has launched a campaigns module to join their suite of modules, which is ideally suited to meet the demands and challenges faced by the packaging industry in fulfilling seasonal campaigns.

Combined with the approach of updating internal and external processes, packaging companies will be able to pursue the sizable cost-efficiency, growth, and productivity opportunities offered by BOS ERP.

Keeping up with seasonal packaging and printing campaigns

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies use seasonal packaging to promote their products with great effect. Due to the rapid changes in consumer focus, keeping up with the seasons could be the difference between goods flying off the shelf, or being too late to the party. The most common times of year to use seasonal packaging are:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Summer
  • Halloween
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mothers Day/Father’s Day
  • Country specific holidays – i.e. St David’s Day, 4th July, Bonfire night, Queen’s Jubilee or Coronation
  • Major events – i.e. sporting world cup, Olympics

Packaging and printing companies that embrace digital end to end in their processes are more able to keep up with the rapid changes synonymous with seasonal campaigns.

The challenges printing and packaging businesses face

  • Rising raw material costs. The packaging industry has experienced a steep rise in the prices of raw materials, and more so due to Covid-induced supply chain challenges. This means packaging companies are desperate to find ways to reduce waste and improve profit.
  • Out-paced technology. Those in the printing and packaging industry often find it a challenge to keep up with the fast-changing demands of seasonal campaigns. Technology is rapidly changing the packaging industry and being used to cut packaging waste and further unlock efficiencies in cost and time.
  • Manpower. While automation and digitization bring undisputed rewards, the industry now faces the challenge of upskilling existing staff, or finding new employees with the right skill set.
  • Outdated processes. To rise to the challenges of campaign and seasonal printing and packaging with success, producers need to take a closer look at internal processes, their suppliers, and their customers. ERP systems that include campaign-specific modules make it possible for producers to keep their finger on the pulse of complex production and inventory requirements, while keeping customers happy, and managing payments and expenses with ease.

QuickEasy BOS ERP releases campaigns module for printing and packaging

Increased demands for flexibility, for less waste,and for more profit calls for improved business operating systems (BOS). Thanks to the advances in technology, this is possible.

QuickEasy BOS, the leading name in printing and packaging ERP, is known and trusted as the system that simplifies complex operation processes, and improves efficiency across the board.

The new QuickEasy BOS campaigns module will help with the easier management of printing and packaging campaigns deliverables, objectives, workflows, and billing requirements. It also allows for a more cost-effective production. And it comes included with the entire suite of all-in-one BOS modules: CRM, sales, reporting, accounting, manufacturing and production, invoicing, inventory, purchasing, and more.

QuickEasy created this campaigns module to solve the challenges packaging and printing companies face when it comes to managing multiple production, inventory, and invoicing scenarios. The QuickEasy BOS campaign module provides one central place to manage many products and many distribution points, all with slightly different quantities, delivery methods, etc. For example:

  • Managing print campaigns for a franchise. Think about a restaurant franchise that needs to print and distribute menus, posters, etc. for their Easter campaign. These would need to go to all their branches. The same could be done for another franchise group, with the additional complication of billing each franchise separately for their order.
  • Managing packaging or supply chain campaigns. Packaging (or any other products in a supply chain) that is contracted to deliver a certain quantity of various products over a certain number of months, but will only invoice when their customer signs off.

The new BOS campaigns module does the following;

  • Lists all the products and services for the campaign.
  • Lists all the distribution points, including delivery method, and contact person.
  • Assigns product/service quantities to each distribution point.
  • Displays the final totals needed to be manufactured for each product, based on what has been assigned.
  • Gives clarity on stock levels for each distribution point.
  • Dispatches stock, and then tracks the shipping progress.
  • Handles the various accounting options that may be encountered, such as invoicing one entity for the entire campaign, or invoicing each of the distribution points for what is delivered to them.
  • Contract Terms functionality caters to contractual campaigns, displayed in a way that teams can easily manage how they are performing against their obligations.
  • Automatic notifications can be sent to all parties involved in the campaign, eg. when items are dispatched, status changes, etc.

The future of printing and packaging campaigns

As brands revamp their product launches in the next normal, packaging companies have the opportunity to create value and capture growth. To be successful, it is imperative to combine an innovation mindset with the correct strategic decisions in light of evolving trends. Those companies that take a proactive approach will be able to stay current with market developments.

To future-proof printing and packaging investments, companies will have to embrace the ease and automation that comes with digitization through BOS ERP, in order to stay flexible and competitive in the seasons-driven market.

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