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The 2024 Elections Broken Down with Mike Sham

The 2024 Elections Broken Down with Mike Sham

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    Bernini encourages women to have the Audacity To Be

    In a world where women are constantly told how to behave, how to sit and stand, and even how to post on Instagram, we want to remind them that they have isibindi (courage). They have it within them to be the most authentic version of themselves, no matter what anyone may tell them.
    Bernini encourages women to have the Audacity To Be

    Bernini, the only Real Sparkling Spritzer Made from Wine, is audacious. "We believe in celebrating the real, natural women who dare to be themselves, and not pretend to be anyone else, women with the Audacity To Be," says Paigon Prince, Bernini senior brand manager. "Life is too short not to be authentic and audacious."

    Becoming the most authentic version of yourself means being brave enough to live audaciously. Whether it’s the person you are in the boardroom or when you’re having dinner with friends. If you have an opinion, voice it; if something is hilarious, laugh as loud as you want to. Order those ribs on the first date, even if you get your hands dirty.

    "Introducing Audacity To Be, our new brand campaign that celebrates the amazing beings that women are. Audacity is a prolific word within culture, it refers to strong willpower and bravery. There is no need for women to be dainty, to know "their" place, and always laugh politely or conform to the age-old ways that business was conducted. We salute all women who have the Audacity To Be,” added Prince.

    Bernini is there for all the magical, audacious moments in your life. For your sunset drinks, nights in, or hitting the town, this sparkling spritzer, made from wine is for you, the woman who has the audacity to simply be. Perfectly served ice cold from our 275ml bottle, 300ml slender can, or a sophisticated 500ml can for any occasion with your squad.

    Bernini – Audacity To Be.

    Follow #AudacityToBe #RealSparklingSpritzer #MadeFromWine on Bernini’s socials to find out more.

    Bernini supports responsible drinking and encourages all South Africans to consume alcohol responsibly. Alcohol not for persons under 18 years.

    For more information, follow Bernini’s social media channels or go to


    About Bernini – Real Sparkling Spritzer Made From Wine

    Bernini is a range of real sparkling spritzers made from wine. This sparkling grape wine-based spritzer is for women who have the audacity to simply be, perfectly served ice cold from the bottle, or in a feminine bubbly flute glass for any occasion with the squad. Available in a premium, easy-open 275ml bottle, a 300ml slender can, and a sophisticated 500ml can for additional value at all major retailers. Follow #RealSparklingSpritzer #MadeFromWine on Bernini’s socials to find out more.

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