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Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

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    Hunter's keeps the ones Abafostayo refreshed

    World-famous often starts with Kasi-famous, and superstars don't always start super. While the road to being great hardly ever starts great, Hunter's encourages you to keep pushing. Today, you're just you but who knows where you can end up if you keep persevering and honing your skills.
    Hunter's keeps the ones Abafostayo refreshed

    "Hunter's, the first cider brand in Africa, is well versed in reaping the rewards of perseverance after launching in a largely beer-dominated South African market 35 years ago. The brand that Refreshes Like Nothing On Earth celebrates a never-give-up spirit, and salutes those with the unwavering spirit of uk’fosta, which directly translated means to keep pushing. We keep their spirit of uk’fosta refreshed, while they keep persevering,” says Lynsay Sampson, marketing manager for Hunter's. “Our Hunter’s Refreshes Abafostayo campaign is not the well-trodden rags to riches territory; it’s a light-hearted celebration of the start of the journey.”

    Not starting great is no reason to hold you back; embracing the spirit of uk'fosta is an excellent way to turn dreams into reality. Whether you are banging away in the garage, driving the neighbours insane and making dogs cry with your pitch, remember this is just the beginning. One day when you’ve mastered your skill, you’ll be glad you started, and more importantly, that you kept going.

    Hunter's keeps the ones Abafostayo refreshed

    The new campaign brings to life a fun take on the journey of a band with all the passion and talent of future big stars on stage. It's not a sold-out stadium, but the beginning of potentially great things. After playing their hearts out on the modest stage, the band is in high spirits, enjoying the ultimate refreshment of Hunter's Dry and Gold!

    "This is a tale as old as time, starting somewhere to get to the big time, and this campaign celebrates people who keep pushing past their limitations. We focus on the moment of refreshment – celebrating the grit, the passion, the effort, and the persistence. By simply saying cheers… to your uk’fosta,” concluded Sampson.

    This exciting and uplifting campaign will be supported with a new TVC, radio spots, and out-of-home billboards, never to let you forget that Hunter's is keeping the ones Abafostayo refreshed.

    Hunter’s Refreshes Like Nothing on Earth

    Not for persons under the age of 18.


    Hunter's keeps the ones Abafostayo refreshed

    Hunter’s promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18.

    For more information, follow the Hunter’s social media channels or go to

    Instagram: @HuntersCider
    Facebook: @HuntersCider
    Twitter: @HuntersCider
    YouTube: HuntersCider

    About Hunter’s

    Hunter’s offers a burst of natural cider for guys and girls looking for real refreshment from the first sip. Hunter’s was launched in 1988 as a refreshing, masculine alternative to beer. Its popularity has grown since its launch, making it the second-largest cider brand in Africa and the go-to thirst quencher for every occasion. The Hunter’s range includes Hunter’s Dry, Hunter’s Gold, Hunter’s Hard Lemon, Hunter’s Export and Hunter’s Chilled Non-Alcoholic.

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