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Switch launches new Energy Mageu product

Conceived in 2014, The Alternative Power Beverage Company was established with its sights set on producing energy drinks and sodas to satisfy the unique demands of a varied market. The company has cultivated a distinctive product range that is uncompromising on quality ingredients, unbeatable flavour, and undeniable style.
Switch launches new Energy Mageu product

Taking the market by storm, Switch energy drink uses world-class syrups together with the best locally sourced ingredients, packaged in the grooviest designs. More is definitely more, and with this kind of no-holds-barred attitude, Switch energy drink sets itself above the rest, bringing a demanding and diverse market an out of this world taste experience, all the while boosting energy levels and keeping the market going. There simply is no better alternative!

The innovative and revolutionary idea of Switch Energy Mageu was conceptualised around a year ago and has finally become a reality.

Switch Energy Mageu utilises sun ripened maize (an ingredient that is chock a' block full of natural energy) milled into a fine powder, and cooked into a smooth consistency, which is then fortified with vitamins, Switch flavours, and energy components of guarana and caffeine. This results in a delicious grain drink that is full of power to sustain users through the day and night and to keep them fuller for longer.

Switch Energy Mageu will be launched in two flavours – Original and Element – and will be available in 750ml bottles in cases of 10.

We are proud to announce Switch Energy Mageu and believe that it is the perfect product for the hard-working South African market looking for that kick to get them through the day. Cost-effective, tasty and flavoursome, Switch Energy Mageu is a potent energy meal, designed to bring the market the boost that it needs.

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