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IAB SA Youth Action Council: Call for nominations

The IAB SA is calling its members to submit nominations for seats on its Youth Action Council.

In an attempt to take a step closer to transcending hierarchy whilst introducing a dynamic and new way of thinking within the bureau and digital industry, the IAB SA is proud to announce the development of the IAB SA Youth Action Council, under the leadership of Luzuko Tena, Paid Social Executive at GetSmarter, a 2U Inc. brand, and to invite IAB SA Members to nominate their relevant team member to join in.

With 2020 being the year where many studies have made predictions related to the number of millennials in the workplace, one thing not quite mentioned is how complex this generation is, particularly the younger half of it.

Luzuko Tena comments: "One of the pain points of a millennial in our industry is getting enough opportunity. The expectation is for us to be ready as industry leaders when we step into senior roles within our respective companies. In an industry that is finding it difficult to, not only, transform but be inclusive on all fronts, the Y-Council offers an opportunity to millennials within this space to be involved on levels it would've potentially taken them years to be part of."

The overall goal of the council, in alignment with the IAB SA Transformation Council chaired by Veli Ngubane, Founding Partner and Group Managing Director, is to increase engagement within the industry for under 30’s while bringing in a fresh and different, perspective to the IAB SA as a whole. How they aim to achieve this is through three main objectives:

    1. Providing easier access to information and platforms of engagement.

    2. Valuable collaboration with existing IAB Councils on deep-diving and solving existing strategic challenges.

    3. An opportunity to “sit at the table” with seasoned industry leaders at the highest level.

While the IAB SA Front Row initiative invites participation from industry students for those in the first few years of their career – the IAB SA Youth Action Council invites participation from those in the next stage of their career with an opportunity to discuss and address organisational and industry wide shortfalls and solutions, to drive organisational strategy through “next generation” of leaders and the opportunity to understand how to attract and retain the “best of breed “in our industry.

Similarly to the existing IAB councils, the IAB Youth Action Council will stand as its own entity with representation on the IAB MANCO. It includes an additional component, where each member of the council will also sit on another relevant IAB council to collaborate and bring back relevant strategic challenges the IAB Youth Action Council can table and work on.

If you are an IAB member and would like to apply or nominate your colleague, please do so here by the end of May 2020:

Join in!

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