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#OrchidsandOnions: Corny but convincing

King Price's 'cultural appropriation' ad has the desired impact, and because of effective marketing, Alonso crash was a positive for Toyota.
Screen grab from the ad.

I do so hope that the “woke” community do not take offence at the latest ad for King Price insurance on the grounds that it is blatant “cultural appropriation”.

I find it quite amusing and it continues in the King Price vein of producing South African humour, to make their brand stand out a bit from the opposition in a highly competitive sector.

Ungrudging the 'grudge purchases' with nice humour

Insurance is one of the biggest grudge purchases out there. So how do marketers communicate that their brand actually lets you feel 'ungrudged'? By adding some out-of-the-box feel-good humour, says Dean Oelschig, Director of Halo...

By Leigh Andrews 14 Sep 2015

It’s not a new gag and the execution is not going to win any Oscars, but the punchline is homegrown… and will resonate with many people (other than the “woke”, that is).

We see a white man in traditional garb, apparently going through the traditional ceremonies to be admitted to the community. Then he strides off back to the city, clutching his briefcase.

Dressed in his colour wraparound cloth, he then presents himself at what looks like a company meeting. Everybody is baffled, because they are dressed in business attire.

When our cultural appropriation man is asked what is going on, he says: “But you told me if I wanted to do business with you, I would have to become a Venda.” He is shown the sign on the wall, which says “Vendor applications”.

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By Siyamthanda Williams 17 Jan 2020

It’s slightly corny, but continues in the King Price vein of making us chuckle at ourselves as we sometimes talk past each other or misunderstand language.

The message is: it may be confusing out there, but we know what we’re doing when it comes to insurance.
No prices, no hard sell, just a gentle humorous nudge. Which works, I think.
So, it gets an Orchid from me – the third one for the series. Not bad going, King Price.

One of the constant fears of a brand which becomes involved in an expensive sponsorship is: What happens if something goes wrong?

Perhaps your sponsored sports star plays like a wally or, worse, makes public statements which go against the very essence of your brand.

Toyota Hilux gets 'tougher-er' in new campaign from FCB Joburg

Toyota Hilux, for nearly 50 years the market leader in a hotly contested segment of the market, goes up against its toughest competition yet in a new campaign from FCB Joburg...

Issued by FCB Joburg 11 Sep 2018

There must have been a few heart-in-the-mouth moments for Toyota when they watched one of their drivers in the Dakar Rally, former Formula One ace Fernando Alonso, grab spectacular “air” as he rocketed over a sand dune and then rolled his racing Hilux multiple times.

Alonso lost about 15 hours because of the incident and was, effectively put out of the running for podium honours, but he and his co-driver drove the Hilux away from the crash – without the windscreen, which was destroyed in the rollover.

Toyota loves FCB Africa: The 57 year-strong brand relationship

Toyota formally announced earlier today that it is continuing its "exceptionally good, regularly measured" relationship with "the best of the best", FCB Africa. Brett Morris, FCB Africa Group CEO and group CCO shares their perspective of the love story that's endured over five decades and counting...

By Leigh Andrews 15 Dec 2017

What could have been a huge negative for Toyota was anything but. This is because everybody who watched it would have come away with one impression: The Hilux is “tougherer” (to use the words of Toyota’s local ad agency FCB Joburg) than many others.

Years of sponsoring Hiluxes in the Dakar, along with campaigns by FCB, which emphasise the “take anything on” qualities of the Hilux, are paying huge dividends in our local market, where the bakkie is the biggest-selling vehicle in our market.

Latest episode in #ToyotaStoriesSA campaign another winner on social

The latest episode in the #ToyotaStoriesSA campaign from FCB Joburg is another winner on social media with 150,000 Facebook views, 2,224 views on Instagram and over 911 views on YouTube...

Issued by FCB Joburg 12 Dec 2019

Effective marketing is worth an Orchid, so Toyota and FCB Joburg collect another set.
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