Agriculture Trends 2020

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ARC launches new maize information guide for farmers

The maize information guide is a mobile application which comprises a current collection of scientifically proven data on maize production, insect identification and disease management; weed and nematodes control.

3 days ago

Roadmap developed to conserve global insect populations

With an estimated 40% of all insects threatened with extinction, 73 scientists from around the world decided that something needed to be done urgently to protect insect species...

10 Feb 2020

Africa's youth want to cultivate careers, not just crops

"We need to ensure that Africa's future farmers not only grow crops but careers as well," argues Sylvia Ng'eno...

By Sylvia Ng'eno 10 Feb 2020

Insights from Senegal: Involving farmers in research is key to boosting agriculture

Farmers are more likely to adopt and share new practices when their knowledge and experience is taken into account...

10 Feb 2020

South Africa's biodiversity tax incentive is taken to scale

Successfully introducing South Africa's first biodiversity tax incentive was a complex process requiring support from numerous stakeholders, including government, protected area implementers, landowners and communities...

By Candice Stevens 7 Feb 2020

Locust invasions are cyclical: African states shouldn't be caught napping

The best way of dealing with desert locust, as other locust species, is to adopt a preventive management strategy...

By Cyril Piou 7 Feb 2020

Trees in South Africa are under attack. Why it's proving hard to manage

A tree-killing beetle that invaded South Africa two years ago and wreaked havoc in the country's towns and cities still hasn't been declared an emergency plant pest...

By Trudy Paap 6 Feb 2020

Biosafety Level 3 laboratory boosts veterinary services portfolio

Among a variety of applications, it is also expected that the BSL3 laboratory will play a significant role in identifying high-risk zoonotic diseases that can spread between animals and humans...

3 Feb 2020

Management of intact forestlands by indigenous peoples key to protecting climate

Rights recognition crucial to fend off global warming and catastrophic climate change...

By Julie Mollins 24 Jan 2020

Growing extra trees, shrubs raises smallholders $50/year

When smallholder farmers mix trees and shrubs into their lands it increases their revenues by almost $50 per person per year, a study has revealed...

By Gilbert Nakweya 23 Jan 2020

Lessons on how to effectively tackle insect invasions

Countries should promote alternatives to pesticides and more carefully examine how to prevent insect invasions in the first place

By Esther Ndumi Ngumbi 20 Jan 2020

Red grass phenomenon has farmers scratching heads

"Climate change is a reality and its effects will be harsh. For that reason, we need to ensure we have all the weapons in our arsenal to combat it. And healthy veld is a very important weapon in this fight."

By Izak Hofmeyr 2 Jan 2020

Oriental fruit fly eradicated in the Northern Cape

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development has confirmed the successful eradication of the invasive fruit fly species Oriental fruit fly in the Pixley ka Seme and ZF Mgcawu District Municipalities in the Northern Cape...

23 Dec 2019

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