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Heineken sets goal to be carbon neutral in production by 2030

Heineken has stated a new ambition to decarbonise its production by 2030 and its full value chain by 2040...

3 days ago

Finish renews partnership with WWF, donates R2.5m to support water conservation

Dishwasher detergent brand Finish is donating R2.5m between 2020 and 2021 to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to support water conservation...

8 Apr 2021

Is that a good egg? How chocolate makers rate on social and environmental measures

Easter is the biggest chocolate-buying time of the year. But who's really paying for the cost of that chocolate?

By John Dumay and James Guthrie 6 Apr 2021

Levi's drives awareness around importance of clean drinking water

Levi Strauss & Co is drawing attention to the environmental challenge of water pollution and how the company is actively trying to be part of the solution...

29 Mar 2021

Restorative justice lies at the heart of how we ought to think about water management

World Water Week, which took place between 15 and 22 March 2021, provides an opportunity to rethink where we are as a nation. It provides an opportunity to re-evaluate our journey...

By Professor Anthony Turton 26 Mar 2021

Woolworths CEO signs global pledge calling for greater water stewardship

Roy Bagattini, CEO of Woolworths Holdings, joined CEOs from 15 other corporations in signing the UN Global Compact World Water Day pledge on 22 March...

25 Mar 2021

Transitioning away from coal

In an effort to move away from using coal to produce power, South Africa has embarked on a process of repurposing retiring coal power plants by adding solar photovoltaic (PV) and batteries...

25 Mar 2021

Controversial Watsons' wind farm approval overturned on review

In an about-turn, DEFF has refused environmental authorisation for a controversial wind farm in the mountains near Uitenhage...

By John Yeld 24 Mar 2021

Growing water crisis needs a collaborative solution

In just the last five years South Africa has faced two of the biggest challenges imaginable. We are in the midst of a once-in-a-century pandemic and...

By Michael Franze 19 Mar 2021

Like Covid-19, water use requires permanent behaviour change

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has resulted in many fault lines emerging in our societies. One of the key ones is that of behaviour change...

By Jay Bhagwan 18 Mar 2021

Woolies commits R2m to water security in schools

Celebrating National Water Week, which runs from 15 to 22 March this year, Woolworths has committed R2m to water security and sanitation in schools...

15 Mar 2021

Scaling up bioenergy production could substantially raise water stress - new study

According to a new study, biomass plantations for energy production need sustainable water management in order to avoid a substantial increase in water scarcity.

12 Mar 2021

Energy storage: A key piece of the puzzle in South Africa's energy transition

Supported by continued cost reductions and technological improvements, utility-scale energy storage is set to play an important role in South Africa's energy transition...

By Michael Ball and Gabriele Buccini 11 Mar 2021

Harnessing the power of community for the common good

Community, in different human contexts, can be based on interest, action, plan, practice and circumstance. Many of the world's current and emerging issues are experienced at the neighbourhood and household level...

By Dr Shafick Adams 10 Mar 2021

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