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SA's franchise industry begins long road to recovery

From negotiating rental relief with landlords and royalty fees with franchisors to asking for relaxed loan repayments with banks, franchise operators continue their battle to survive the lockdown...

12 Jun 2020

Pragmatic advice for landlords, tenants in a contracting economy

Some of South Africa's largest landlords have taken a pounding over the last two months with even our largest retailers, like Massmart, seeking rental relief...

By Gary Palmer 5 Jun 2020

Fortress notes uptick in demand for goods at stores

Mall owner Fortress expects activity to pick up even further as the country moves to Level 3 lockdown from June...

1 Jun 2020

Commercial property: a long recovery, but opportunities for some

Having worked in the commercial property sector for many years, let me state a truth universally acknowledged, but often overlooked...

By Rick de Sousa 29 May 2020

New South African app shares info on the safest times to shop

Lightstone and Tracker have collaborated on a new app that provides consumers with up-to-date information on vehicle attendance at shopping destinations they choose to visit...

27 May 2020

#Level3Lockdown: Uncertainty, risks remain for retailers and retail property owners

As South Africa gradually heads towards Level 3 lockdown as from 1 June, the opening of most retail means that retailers and retail property owners will begin to look forward to a more normal business life...

By John Loos 26 May 2020

The fuel station of the future

No one could have imagined that the simple filling stations of the 1970s would one day morph into the enormous service stations dotting our highways today...

26 May 2020

Mid-Sized Independent Retailers Group formed to save the 'missing middle'

More than 50 South African retailers have banded together to form the Mid-Sized Independent Retailers (MIR) Group...

21 May 2020

Retail property's competitive disadvantage - an overhang from pre-2008

In a previous note, we indicated that, in the post-lockdown recessionary period we would likely see the direct economy-related pressures being more severe on the industrial property sector...

By John Loos 14 May 2020

Beyond the guidelines: Why a good relationship between tenant and landlord is key

What happens if a tenant is unable to pay their rent? What if they can pay but choose not to in the interests of "fairness" - because why should only non-essential businesses get a payment holiday?

By Bradley Jackson 14 May 2020

Shoprite Group to halt enforcement of exclusive lease contracts

The Shoprite Group will immediately cease the enforcement of exclusive lease agreements against other supermarkets in non-urban areas...

13 May 2020

#LockdownLessons: Phenomenal collaboration happening in the property sector

Seabelo (Herbert) Theledi, founder and MD of Nthwese Developments, shares his experience of the current Covid-19 crisis and how his organisation is navigating these unusual times...

By Sindy Peters 13 May 2020

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