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We help you create better customer experiences by gathering and understanding Voice of the Customer data across your business.
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Employee engagement the Santa way
Why the elves are happy at work. 9 Dec 2021 Read more

Don't reinvent your VOC programme, just use the data you gather effectively
Operationalising VOC data is invaluable to creating organisational impact and ROI. 4 Aug 2021 Read more

Managing customer experience will be vital in holding on to SA's top BPO ranking
Robust, effective voice of the customer programmes will help differentiate SA as the best contact centre destination. 11 May 2021 Read more

In conversation with Andrew Cook | Why a Contact Centre shouldn't try put a man on the moon
Recently, our CEO, Andrew Cook published his thoughts on how an inbound contact centre should measure their success. We sat down with him to chat about his insight. 5 Feb 2021 Read more

How to effectively use SMS as a survey channel to get maximum results
SMS is one of the oldest digital channels of B2C communication, with marketers tapping into its potential as early as 1999. The channel has remained a firm favourite for the last 2 decades thanks to its relative cost-effectiveness and high engagement rate. It is thus no surprise that it is arguably the most effective channel for gathering transactional feedback from customers. 25 Jan 2021 Read more

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