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Paymaster and escrow services

Europlaw Group Incorporated, situated in the Republic of South Africa and the United Kingdom, now offers paymaster and escrow services from the Republic of Mauritius. When receiving large sums of money, our clients need someone to deal with the payments that must come to you or that must be placed into your business. Instead of hiring someone full-time to take care of such matters, our clients would be much better served by using Europlaw Group. We have plenty of experience and an existing infrastructure for distributing large payments and transactions to you and your clients. When dealing with such large transactions, it is important to know that everything is going to be handled professionally.
Paymaster and escrow services
At Europlaw Group, professionalism is precisely what we offer. We do the best for our clients worldwide. Europlaw Group takes large, unique transactions and disburses them to an escrow tailored especially for you or your business. Europlaw Group has an entire team of experts on hand to ensure that your payments are received properly as well as legally. This makes the Europlaw Group the perfect alternative to escrows. Not only will Europlaw Group work directly with you to fill your specific needs, but Europlaw Group also charge much less for our paymaster services than most escrow services do. Furthermore, Europlaw Group does not charge any registration fees for our services, allowing you to sign up for free. The net effect is that more of your money stays with you rather than being spent on fees.

Europlaw's evolution comes from years of experience in the above fields of expertise. Not many businesses are more challenging than those of Bank Guarantees and Financial Instruments, Bonds, Platform Trading, Private Placement Programs and Project Funding.

We are experienced enough to know that this is not the place for the proverbial "one man band". In light thereof we have established a worldwide footprint, and we have offices in the United Kingdom, Dubai, United States of America, South Africa, Mauritius and Nigeria. There is a worldwide team of dedicated professionals at the disposal of our clients on a 24-hour international basis.

Europlaw Group, Inc. serves as the independent paymaster services arm, providing escrow and fiduciary services to Europlaw's clients. Europlaw specialises in project management as well as attorney escrow services for complex single payor transactions which require disbursements to multiple sellers, counterparties, agents, service providers and sub-contractors.

Our client's dividends and commissions will be securely deposited into Europlaw's escrow account. They will then be distributed without delay and in exact accordance with the stipulated terms and conditions entered into between the Client and Europlaw Group. Unlike many other firms, Europlaw will also maintain a separate Euro currency account so that the Client is not charged any unnecessary currency conversion fees in the case of dividends and/or commissions received and distributed in Euro currency.

Europlaw Group could easily have performed such paymaster and escrow services in both the United Kingdom and the Republic of South Africa, but there are exceedingly complicated exchange control regulations and cumbersome banking procedures for the receiving and pay-out of project-related funds for international projects which require foreign currencies. For these reasons, the Europlaw Group chose to provide a safe, efficient and secure payment system to its international clientele based both in the United Kingdom and the Republic of South Africa. This is done with a Mauritius-based foreign currency receipt and settlement platform involving a special trust settled in the Republic of Mauritius.

The Holding Company of the group is based in London - United Kingdom, while its operative headquarters is located in South Africa. To deliver much-needed one-on-one client-oriented services, the Europlaw Group operates as a boutique-type consultancy and transactional company. Europlaw is focused on the implementation and provision of capital market services, escrow agent services, paymaster services, project funding and financing. We also focus on provision of financial instruments and advisory, monetisation of assets and financial instruments, and merger and acquisitions transactions. These services are suitable for companies and corporations of all sizes. The group's core strategy is based on the concept of reputable and intelligent partnerships and alliances. Through these, experts from the fields of law, business, asset management, project management, project funding and financing, paymaster services, escrow services, fiduciary, and audit and tax advisory deliver excellent services to clients at reasonable and competitive rates. The group's senior partner structure allows seasoned and experienced lawyers, escrow agents, auditors, advocates, investment bankers, accountants, financial advisors, and real estate experts to work together in competent teams for successful operations in locations worldwide.

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