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So Interactive sees some silver linings in 2020

So Interactive has worked hard, fast and agile this year and we're proud to have had some great wins despite a challenging climate. In the game of digital marketing we are very familiar with the nature of a constantly changing landscape.
So Interactive sees some silver linings in 2020

Updates, pivots and iterations drive us because we thrive on bending to find the best possible means to communicate a message, to innovate seamless user experiences and impactful digital strategies that keep our clients safe, seen, selling (and smiling). Our nimble team has harnessed their passion to adapt and solve like never before, this year, and it’s thankfully landed us some new clients and awards, too.

We’re pleased to now have officially onboard:

  • Reeflords
  • Intercare
  • Logitech and Logitech G
  • Sandwich Baron
  • AIG

Each of these companies offer a unique opportunity for innovation that we’re excited to work on.

The year started off with a thrill when we were nominated for seven IAB Bookmarks awards, all for the Sabric “Some things shouldn’t be shared campaign.” We received a bronze award for this campaign in the category of Best Integrated Marketing Campaign by a Corporate - Sponsored by JustPalm. “We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to develop this campaign. Many brilliant and creative minds came together on this project and we’re thrilled with the results. A fantastic client to work with,” said Darren Mansour, the executive digital director of So Interactive.

September brought good news too when we were announced Top Digital Marketing Partner in South Africa by verified reviews platform Clutch. It’s an honour to be recognised as one of SA’s top B2B businesses. We’re so happy to service and uplift our economy by connecting businesses and consumers through the inspiring world of digital media.

We look forward to continued growth and opportunities to extend our offering. Whatever the next few months has in store- bring it on, we’re ready! Keen to work with us? We’d love to chat.

7 Oct 2020 07:44