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Kaya FM boss wins South Africa's first Johnnie Walker Gentlemen's Wager

Luxury whisky brand Johnnie Walker has launched its Gentleman's Wager campaign in South Africa in association with Kaya FM. The launch - which saw two highly successful South African gentlemen step out of their comfort zones to lay a wager on a coveted luxury item money could not buy - was celebrated at a glittering event in Parktown on Friday night.
Launching the #walkerwager in Johannesburg last week, Greg Maloka, Kaya FM Managing Director, challenged his friend and Gallery Momo owner, Monna Mokoena, for an item so rare that Mokoena would not put a price tag on it - his vintage 1963 250 SE Coupé Mercedes Benz.

Maloka made a gentleman's agreement with Mokoena that if he was able to take beautiful pictures of Mokoena's collector's item Mercedes Benz and successfully exhibit these to 500 people at Mokoena's Parktown gallery, the classic car would be his.

Mokoena accepted the wager, and so Maloka set out to rise to the challenge. Maloka worked closely with creative photographer Siphiwe Mhlambi, owner of African Skies Media, who mentored Maloka on the technical aspects of photography. Maloka's 10 best images were chosen for the exhibition.

The exhibition opened to the public on 11 February and ended on the night of 13 February at a grand reveal at Gallery Momo. Kaya FM listeners were invited to vote for their favourite photograph to stand a chance to win entry to the exclusive invitation-only event. Having achieved in excess of 500 signatures in the gallery's guest registry, Mokoena was obliged to hand over his car keys to Maloka in front of an expectant audience.

"The #walkerwager campaign ultimately celebrates personal progression, achievement and the attainment of true rarity and success through hard work, commitment and daring. Maloka was the perfect gentleman to assist with the launch of the Gentleman's Wager campaign in South Africa and as a brand, we were truly impressed with what he was able to achieve to succeed in his wager," said Johnnie Walker South Africa Marketing Manager, Thandeka Ngqumeya.

"It just goes to show that even for a man who has everything, there are always new heights to be sought and achieved," said Ngqumeya.

Maloka enjoyed the challenge and had this to say about wagering his friend: "Being part of this Johnnie Walker campaign has been a very rewarding and enriching journey. To me the Johnnie Walker brand epitomises the values that need to be instilled in young men today: investing time and passion in the pursuit of a skill and ultimately using that to work towards what you want in life. This pursuit of greatness is what leads an Afropolitan man to live an extraordinary life."

Five lucky Kaya FM listeners won a signed canvas print of their favourite photograph from Maloka's "Home" photographic exhibition and a bottle of Premium Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

To find out more about the #walkerwager visit the Johnnie Walker Facebook and follow the luxury brand on Twitter for updates.

18 Feb 2015 10:56