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How to tell an African story

Music and storytelling have always been intrinsically linked. On Saturday, 2 December 2017, South Africa witnessed this truth in its finest form with Casper Nyovest managing an incredible feat, and making history, by attracting an incredible 68,000 South African youth to Soccer City. The youth were treated to an all-South African concert, which featured the likes of Kwesta, Black Motion, HHP, Black Coffee and Tsepo Tsola.
How to tell an African story
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How to tell an African story
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As many as 14,8% of youth express themselves through music. The only two things that top music on the list of ways to express themselves, are school work at 19,9% and sport at 15% according to research from the Generation Next 2017 study.

On Saturday, South Africa witnessed the historic music event, put together by Cassper Nyovest in partnership with Ciroc, Standard Bank, Budweiser and SABC 1. It’s satisfying to see brands finally recognising the growing evolution of, and more evident impact of music on the lives of the youth. The Mufasa themed #FillUpFNBStadium concert saw Cassper reincarnating this iconic narrative.

This is the biggest audience any local artist has been able to attract. In fact, there have been only two artists/groups to beat these numbers before, global phenomenon One Direction and U2. What #FillUpFNBStadium proved is that music remains a fantastic platform to engage youth, and that the culture of story-telling is alive and well. Music has the power to galvanise our youth and propel them into action. It has the power to unite youth across race, gender or economic lines. Music gives our youth hope for the future.

What stood out about Cassper’s #FillUp campaign is that he took ownership of the narrative right from the beginning through to the end. The brands that came on board did so as partners, rather than purse holders, and as partners they worked together as equals.

Cassper is not just an influencer. He is a brand in his own right, and what some have dubbed a marketing genius, so respect to him! Our youth feed their hunger for success with the dedication, hard work and success stories they witness from their role models. From appearing on the local hip-hop scene as a self-proclaimed high school drop-out, it’s been a pleasure to watch Cassper growing into an internationally recognised multi-award winning artist.

This shows that youth’s dreams are valid and in an era where money doesn’t buy vision but vision generates wealth, this is an example of a great way brands can use platforms such as #FillUpFNBStadium to help encourage youth to preserve and promote truly unique African stories. What a time to be alive! It’s rewarding to see African stories told and shared by their creators. Now this is how you tell an African story!

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