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We are an independent digital creative agency that was established in 2007. We focus on creating brand experiences that engage people online and offline. Through innovation, experience and knowledge we have the right skills to deliver impact for brands and business.
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So Interactive receives prestigious Bookmark Award for Ocean Basket website
So Interactive, a leading digital agency in South Africa, is delighted to announce its recent triumph at the esteemed IAB Bookmark Awards 2023. The agency has been awarded the highly coveted Bronze Bookmark Award for the Ocean Basket website in the category of 'Brand, Commercial & Retail Websites'. This recognition stands testament to So Interactive's exceptional expertise in digital excellence and innovative design solutions. 14 Aug 2023 Read more

Scam alert: Unlawful activity under the alias 'So Interactive'
So Interactive, a leading digital agency, issues a stern warning to the public regarding an ongoing scam under the guise of our reputable brand. It has come to our attention that individuals posing as 'Kenneth Cunningham', 'Gloria Young', 'Keith Moore', 'Dan', 'Kaya', 'Mia', and other aliases are engaging in fraudulent activities on various So Interactive digital platforms, including WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 1 Aug 2023 Read more

4 Finalists at the IAB Bookmark Awards 2023
We are thrilled to announce that So Interactive, a leading digital creative agency, has been selected as a finalist at the highly anticipated IAB South Africa Bookmark Awards 2023. This prestigious recognition is a testament to our team's unwavering dedication, innovative thinking, and commitment to delivering exceptional digital experiences. 19 Jul 2023 Read more

Love gets wings this Valentine's
When it comes to birds of love, one rarely thinks of a vulture. Yet this Valentine's Day, that's exactly what So Interactive has done by launching a creative digital campaign in partnership with conservation organisation, VulPro, to raise awareness of the plight of South Africa's vulture population. 9 Mar 2023 Read more

The year that asked questions
As advertising, marketing, and media agencies and experts all over the world share their predictions, insights, and adland advice for the year head, I find myself focusing on the space we're in as an industry; the calm before the storm, a respite before the recession, a period of preparation before the fight to survive. 16 Jan 2023 Read more

So Interactive seeks to inspire a nation with the stories of 8 local makers
Dynamic digital marketing agency, So Interactive, is no stranger to producing award-winning digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns that build brand value. And the value of the recently launched Phakamisa iSpirit 2022 campaign has gone beyond just benefit to the brand, with a total of R29.7m being invested into the local economy on behalf of their client, Pernod Ricard. 12 Dec 2022 Read more

Phakamisa iSpirit campaign wins at New Generation 2022
So Interactive is proud to have been awarded the 'Best Integrated Marketing Campaign by an Agency' and the 'Most Innovative Social and Digital Media by a Small Agency' at the New Generation Social and Digital Media Awards 2022 for our Pernod Ricard Phakamisa iSpirit campaign. 14 Oct 2022 Read more

New showreel: An inside look at So Interactive's striking creative over the years
So Interactive is a strategic, creative digital agency that carefully crafts each project from the creative-concept phase to final execution using decades of cumulative experience, branding, digital marketing, and the most advanced technologies. 21 Sep 2022 Read more

Ocean Basket's new global website launches!
Known locally for nearly three decades as a much-loved seafood restaurant that serves plentiful portions of seafood and sushi, Ocean Basket has been making waves internationally, prompting the update of its website's UX and UI design, in order to deliver real value for customers - near and far - while telling the Ocean Basket story to the rest of the world! 23 Jun 2022 Read more

Solving the puzzle CUBE - Collaboration for elevation
Nearly half a century after its humble invention by an Hungarian architect, the Rubik's Cube retains its title as the most popular puzzle in the world, with an impact that far exceeds the deceptive simplicity of the cube itself. Its appeal is rooted not only in the challenge it poses, but in the nearly limitless number of solutions, with every end turning into a new beginning. 1 Dec 2021 Read more

Logitech works with you - wherever you work
For many of us, 2020 brought about a drastic change in the way we work - and where we work, too. Being thrust into working-from-home forced each of us to review the spaces we inhabit in order to make things work better, while we continued to work hard (if not harder than before). 12 Oct 2021 Read more

Cybercrime campaign wins a Loerie
Our "Some Things Shouldn't Be Shared" campaign in collaboration with Sabric has been awarded a bronze Loerie in the category of Digital - Social Media. 24 Nov 2020 Read more

New accommodation app makes living easy
What if you could manage your entire accommodation rental and city-living experience from a single app? Find your space, scan and send lease documents, pay your utilities, manage your security - can't it all be simple, seamless and integrated? 27 Oct 2020 Read more

So Interactive sees some silver linings in 2020
So Interactive has worked hard, fast and agile this year and we're proud to have had some great wins despite a challenging climate. In the game of digital marketing we are very familiar with the nature of a constantly changing landscape. 7 Oct 2020 Read more

So Interactive proud to be named a top digital marketing partner in South Africa by Clutch
Here at So Interactive, we know that a struggling economy means that brands and businesses have to work even harder to keep up with their competitors, especially with the changing landscape of digital marketing. That's why we're here to save the day! We're an independent digital agency with over 13 years of solid industry experience. We make sure our clients, no matter how large or small present a masterful digital presence to highlight their services and communicate the right message. From impactful and purposeful social media strategies to user experience design, intuitive web design, digital strategy and content creation! We will aim to build your brand experience and drive the people to you. 14 Sep 2020 Read more

So Interactive impresses with striking new agency showreel
So Interactive is showcasing its award-winning work in its latest showreel. 8 Jun 2020 Read more

Fighting banking crime, one share at a time
We all know someone with a bad habit. Some bad habits are surface level, some life threatening and some have cost us over R2 million in 2018. According to SABRIC, one in three people in South Africa are into the costly bad habit of sharing confidential information with strangers over the phone, via SMS and email. Our lackadaisical approach to cybersecurity has put us all in jeopardy of serious banking crimes - and this needs to stop. 30 Oct 2019 Read more

Website redesign in the age of information
As one of the leading institutes of its kind in Africa, the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Studies needed a website that truly reflected its passion. 24 May 2019 Read more

Fit to fight cyber crime one password at a time
SABRIC have played an integral part in educating South Africans about cyber security. There is no greater time in history where cyber security has ever been this important. With cyber security month in October, SABRIC needed a campaign that would really pack a punch, cut through the noise on social media and make South Africans stronger in their fight against cyber crime. 12 Nov 2018 Read more

Small digital agency hits a big 10
In its tenth year of creative digital landscaping, South Africa's small digital agency, So Interactive, is still doing big things - and the big boys are taking notice. Hailing from its online fame as Ocean Basket's longstanding digital partner since 2008, it seems the firecracker SME in yellow is clinching attention from influential brands and agencies alike, for its keen sense of marketing flexibility and 'unboxed' strategic thinking. 5 Jan 2018 Read more

So Interactive - nine years of growth with no signs of slowing
2015 might have gone down as a pretty topsy-turvy year for most, but that certainly did not halt momentum at digital creative agency, So Interactive. This ever-expanding agency demonstrated a cracker year of positive change, progressive development and team growth; as well as increasing their already impressive client base, on their steady rise in the digital arena. 22 Feb 2016 Read more

Mobile marketing magic with Zappa Dragons
The importance of mobile marketing is growing exponentially and no more so than when speaking to an audience of outrageous consumers between the ages of 18 and 24, Zappa Sambuca's primary target market. With the number of hours consumers spend in front of the mobile screen constantly on the rise, and with the younger consumers leading the charge, brands cannot afford to ignore this highly competitive and effective channel. When So Interactive, digital creative agency, was tasked with generating an increased Facebook following and overall brand reach for Zappa, their strategy immediately turned to mobile for the most effective use of design, development, advertising and consumer engagement. 7 Dec 2015 Read more

Decisive digital marketing, a birthday tweet
This year So Interactive's decisive digital marketing strategy, media planning and fun-loving creative turned Ocean Basket's 20th birthday into a treat to remember. But, for this special occasion, the digital advertising channel which outshone the rest was Twitter, which, with excellent planning, truly delivered on its promise to get maximum ROI. 2 Nov 2015 Read more

Warming up winter with highly shareable content
So Interactive, digital creative agency, has just launched a highly shareable content generating app for Ocean Basket, and it's called: Steam Sketch. The app forms part of the Ocean Basket winter campaign entitled "Spice Up Your Winter", which introduces a number of new, piping hot winter menu items and launched in-store on Wednesday, 20 May. 18 Jun 2015 Read more

Chins up for real-world to digital engagement
The real-world to digital engagement loop is absolutely pivotal to campaign success in the food and beverage industry. Great apps are only as great as the in-store engagement they offer, and vice-versa; the in-store experience should drive back to a digital touch point, offering longevity to the overall brand experience. That is why So Interactive went to work getting chins up, both digitally and in the real world, for Ocean Basket and the beachhouse wine's new Greek madness campaign. 16 Apr 2015 Read more

Less-is-more content strategy key to B2B marketing
LRMG Performance Agency has an extensive amount of value and content to share when it comes to management consulting and organisational learning services. Their biggest challenge, in the B2B marketing environment, has been to get that value out to the correct people in the most decisive, lose-the-fluff kind of way. To achieve this clear flow of information LRMG approached So Interactive, Digital Creative Agency, for a full site redesign. 20 Mar 2015 Read more

The digital evolution of seafood sharing
Staying current whilst keeping your course true to brand is one of the biggest challenges in today's high seas of digital evolution and innovation. So Interactive recently gave Ocean Basket's website a super dose of new digital DNA, ensuring a speedy catch-up with the new face of the brand, which has been maturing in the marketplace over the past two years. 16 Feb 2015 Read more

A Censored app for February
Ocean Basket celebrates the month of love this February and So Interactive, digital creative agency, has built a cheeky mobile app which integrates with their naughty Valentine's TVC and "Aphrodite Meal" in-store promotion. The app is driven by the tag line "Censored - Explicit Seafood Scenes" to evoke user interest and increase engagement. 24 Feb 2014 Read more

So Interactive digital creative agency on the up and up
A funky, new creative space; a fully-integrated team of digital strategists, digital creatives and programmers; a Mexican, some strawberries, a shot of Po10cy, a cook-up in foodie heaven; 10 original apps, a birthday that popped 70,000 balloons and an oh-so-posh Kiss at the races - and this was just in 2013. 28 Jan 2014 Read more

Digital agency breaks new records on Ocean Basket account
It was a birthday bash never to be forgotten by Ocean Basket South Africa, with its groundbreaking digital interface campaign that soared frontline sales. 23 Oct 2013 Read more

Ocean Basket Gets Big, Bigger, Jumbo
On 18 July Ocean Basket launched its latest campaign. Fans and customers can look forward to being treated to a delicious "Jumbo" 300g portion of hake, with onion rings and chips or rice. This is the second in a string of campaigns revolving around Maria, Ocean Basket's Beautiful Mama, and includes a tasty product offering tailored to fit most pockets. So Interactive, digital creative agency, and House of Brave, full-service creative agency, were in charge of executing and launching the new campaign, appropriately called "Big Bigger Jumbo Hake". 30 Jul 2013 Read more

Kiss mobi app, a winner at the Vodacom Durban July
The 2013 Vodacom Durban July has come and gone, flying past with all the fanfare and glory of this year's winner, Heavy Metal, ridden by S'Manga Khumalo. High fashion and racing fever reached their yearly climactic pitch on Saturday, 6 July, and Kiss, the high attitude party shooter, was there to inspire the poshest poses at the Greyville track. 22 Jul 2013 Read more

So Interactive gets the conversion
So Interactive digital creative agency has been delivering premium digital creative design and web development solutions since 2007. The agency started out clothed in the traditional Mad Man colours of red and white with black trimming. But now, with numerous digital successes under its belt and a corp d'excellence driving the creative and development departments, the decision was made to go for a more sophisticated look. So Interactive's conversion is one worthy of the hard-hitting and refined work that clients have come to expect from this dynamic digital agency. 20 Jun 2013 Read more

So Interactive wows with the women of WiEBE
Creative digital agency, So Interactive, has delivered a new online community platform designed specifically for some of South Africa's savviest and most courageous women. 13 Nov 2012 Read more

So Interactive goes round the clock with
Creative Digital Agency, So Interactive, is the design power behind the newest shopping Mecca that is whirlpooling around South Africa's big cities. It's none other than - a fully integrated e-commerce site that makes buying a range of gadgets and gizmos easy, fun and incredibly affordable. 15 May 2012 Read more

The recent unveiling of the all-new, all mouth-watering Pizza Perfect website,, is an online reveal to be hailed as something of a trio triumph by Digital Media Design Agency, So Interactive. This said, for the Agency having also launched, simultaneously, the websites of Pizza Perfect's sister brands, Burger Perfect and Chickin Tyme. 15 May 2012 Read more

Consider the burger. Consider the tower of freshly sliced tomato and braised onion, skyscraping over a homemade chunk of 100% pure beef (chicken or veg) patty; dusted with spices, cascading onto a cushion of greens, and all cupped between a proportionately chosen bread-bun. Now consider the burger, perfected. 17 Jan 2012 Read more

Throughout the month of February Ocean Basket customers and So Interactive felt the love with a unique Valentines Day competition. The 'Feel da love' campaign didn't only make Ocean Basket a whole bunch of new Facebook friends, it reeled in impressive results. 15 Mar 2011 Read more

Fashion-conscious brand Socrati, recently debuted a stylish new look with its brand new website. Taking inspiration from the brand's fashionable product offering So Interactive Digital Agency is the design team behind the sophisticated and elegant online makeover. 14 Mar 2011 Read more

Longstanding partners Ocean Basket and So Interactive recently made a new 'friend' - joining forces with social media platform Facebook and reeling in customers with the successful launch of the 'Feel Da Love' campaign. 11 Feb 2011 Read more

When Direct Deals needed to make its grand online entrance, it went directly to full service interactive digital agency, So Interactive. The result is so much more than just a website - it's a digital brand experience. 19 Oct 2010 Read more

So Interactive recently engineered the launch of Steinmüller's website, which resulted in a blend of construction and craftsmanship that delivers value, innovation, and quality content. It is a prime example of form complimenting function to inform, interact and engage its audience. 15 Oct 2010 Read more

When Captain James Cook tipped his hat to the land of sun-kissed reefs and boundless beach sand, some 240 years ago, he was no doubt paving the way for thousands of explorers to follow suit - and in recent years, South Africa has certainly been no exception. 15 Apr 2010 Read more

The sky's the limit for digital media design agency, So Interactive, with their recent penetration into the retail market. The small- to medium-size design enterprise has once again cracked the nod as the preferred online development agency for the latest hot-property electronics newcomer, Direct Deals. 8 Apr 2010 Read more

The new media arena is all abuzz with talk of Gauteng's emerging digital player, having recently launched The Ocean Basket website, South Africa's largest and most popular seafood restaurant chain. 23 Mar 2009 Read more