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MediaCom's new way of thinking has brought about a new way of operating. We're the leading initiators of change when it comes to planning and buying placement across media channels.
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Out of balance: Are you sacrificing purpose for innovation?When Facebook Ads launched over a decade ago, many corporations and small businesses didn't hesitate to jump on board. Today, there are as many as 60 million active business pages on the platform, but only around six million actually make use of the paid advertising feature, even though 75% of businesses say they would use paid advertising to reach potential clients (Source: Brandwatch). 5 Jul 2019 Read more

Why the time is up for long-term media buying commitmentsAdvertising is a global, multibillion-dollar business that connects manufacturers and consumers across a variety of mediums. In South Africa, the advertising industry is worth $4.4bn, and there's a good reason for that-brands and agencies tend to throw massive budgets at the industry annually. The question is: Can long-term commitments truly yield a better return on investment than more flexible shorter-term budget spending and planning? 31 May 2019 Read more

How to squeeze every millilitre of value from your brand budgetAshish Williams and Nick Lawson from MediaCom explain how 20 May 2019 Read more

WATCH: Tactics to attract consumer share of wallet and keep media investment at the right levelsIn MediaCom's latest YouTube video in the Thought Leadership series, CEO Ashish Williams shares his thoughts and professional recommendations on how brands can best attract consumer share of wallet. He touches on a few vital aspects of how brands can remain relevant and shares useful tips on increasing native media ROI. 25 Apr 2019 Read more

MediaCom puts media first at Agency of the Future media eventYet another extraordinary success this year, MediaCom's The Agency of the Future event focused on exploring exciting and innovative opportunities that agencies can look forward to utilising in 2019 and beyond. 18 Apr 2019 Read more

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