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British Airways flies British and Irish Lions to South AfricaSouth Africa might remain firmly on the UK government's red list, which strongly discourages travel, but that wasn't enough to keep the British and Irish Lions at home. Courtesy of British Airways, the team is already on South African soil and one match in (and up) on their countrywide tour. 6 Jul 2021 Read more

British Airways cautiously optimistic about flights to South AfricaWith SA still on the UK's no-fly list, residents might have to wait a little longer before jetting off with British Airways flight bookings. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have once again postponed resuming services to South Africa, but it's not for long. 3 Jun 2021 Read more

Can Mango Airlines survive financial turbulence?Last week, the Airports Company of South Africa banned Mango Airlines from using its facilities, effectively grounding the airline, and causing an uproar among passengers. 4 May 2021 Read more

There's never been a better time to travel, South AfricaAs Africa's third most visited country, things can get a little crowded in South Africa during peak holiday seasons. Now, with international travel restrictions limiting the number of foreign visitors, locals have a unique opportunity to travel South Africa without the crowds. 14 Apr 2021 Read more

The APPeal of technology as airlines revolutionise travelWith most regulations lifted on domestic flights South Africa is almost back to a new kind of normal and airlines are making things easier than ever before with apps to improve convenience, flexibility, affordability and speed. Here's what's new in South African travel lately. 2 Mar 2021 Read more

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