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executive search
A focused, contextualised, project driven, research based assignment with a guaranteed outcome to deliver top performing, best fit executives to contribute meaningfully to our clients businesses - a trusted, exclusive partnership!

A process which attracts, identifies and assesses suitable, quality candidates who meet the key requirements of our clients

human resources consulting
Purpose driven, expert solution which makes meaningful contribution to the challenges of our clients' businesses

A scientific competency assessment process tailored to support the hiring decision and development of preferred candidates and employees

c-suite executive coaching
for any organisation there is only one acceptable business reason for investing in executive coaching: to support and enable executives in attaining the business' strategy and objectives.

Organisations therefore use coaching as a means to shape individual and team performance in capacitating organisations to pursue strategic objectives, achieve critical results and remain competitive.

Coaching is thus an investment in the knowledge capital of the organisation with employees representing a portfolio of talent in which management invest time and energy. This enables individual employees and teams to focus on developing those capabilities that will contribute most to both personal and organisational success through coaching.