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Meet the 5,221-horsepower, battery-powered Bulgarian Batmobile

Ever since electric cars came back onto the menu in the Lithium age, something like this has been coming. Something flatly outrageous, something that smashes the paradigm of the hypercar and lays waste to all before it. Meet the 5,221-horsepower, 303-mph, all-electric Alieno Arcanum.
Alieno Arcanum: the biggest and mostest of everything imaginable (Credit: Alieno)
Born of a Bulgarian company nobody's ever heard of before, the Arcanum lays down the longest, brashest and most ridiculous set of promises I have ever seen in a press release. And boy, have I seen some press releases, folks.

Alieno's very first car, if these statements are to be believed, will instantly become the fastest, most powerful and most technologically advanced production car on the planet, with daylight second, and then another daylight, and a late lunch, and then the rest of the field. Let's take a look at some of this company's eye-popping claims:

Electric powertrain: face-melting

The Arcanum will come in four models, from the 2,610-horsepower RP2 (RP standing for Raw Power, naturally) all the way up to the "why would you bother with the other ones" RP5, which smashes out 5,221 horsepower and 8,880Nm of torque...

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