Joe Public awarded in both British and Dutch markets on the same night

The D&AD Awards in London ended with a bang as South Africa was ranked ninth among 45 countries, with a total of 15 prestigious Pencils awarded. Joe Public United couldn't be prouder to have been the most awarded creative agency amongst their South African peers on the night scooping a Yellow Pencil (Gold), a Graphite Pencil (Silver), a Wooden Pencil (Bronze) and three shortlists. Not only did the South Africa agency show their independent clout this year in the international arena but European agency partner, Joe Public Amsterdam, also won Agency of the Year, on the very same night for Dutch award show - The SAN.

The South African team proved their ability to hone their film craft by taking home the Pencils in a variety of categories from casting, direction and sound for their client Chicken Licken® – Sbu 2.0. The D&AD Awards aim to inspire and celebrate the best in design, digital and advertising. Winning a D&AD Pencil remains the pinnacle of many careers and is considered one of the top international awards to win.

“Being awarded in London last night, is truly something that the entire Joe Public United agency could not be prouder of. Not only is it critical but also a massive achievement on all levels as this firmly places the agency as a global player. We want to congratulate and thank our partners as well as every single one of our people, as it takes a village to raise an idea,” said Pepe Marais, Group Chief Creative Officer, Joe Public United.

The agency worked with renowned director Greg Gray from Romance Films, to create a quirky yet cerebral comedy about a science teacher who invents a robotic version of himself to fill in whenever the craving strikes. We meet Sbu, an unassuming science teacher who is up to something in his garage workshop late at night. We quickly discover that he manages to pull off what could possibly be his greatest achievement ever. Using a hopscotch of recycled metal and computer parts, he creates a functioning, somewhat autonomous, robotic version of himself. His very own Sbu 2.0. The film plays out a variety of scenarios where the real Sbu is replaced with his 2.0 version – confusion and chaos ensue.

View Sbu 2.0:

Yellow Pencil: CastingSbu 2.0Romance Films / Greg GrayJoe PublicChicken LickenCasting for Film Advertising
Graphite Penicl: DirectionSbu 2.0Romance Films / Greg GrayJoe PublicChicken LickenTV
Wood Pencil: Sound Design & Use of MusicSbu 2.0Romance Films / Greg GrayJoe PublicChicken LickenExisting Music
Shortlist: Art DirectionSbu 2.0Romance Films / Greg GrayJoe PublicChicken LickenArt Direction for Film Advertising
Shortlist: Direct The Anthology of Great (stock) PoetryJoe PublicGreatstockDirect Mail
Shortlist: PRBill of Rights Joe PublicThe Apartheid MuseumLow Budget

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