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Angela Sobey , Western Cape, Equal Rights and more

Angela Sobey , Western Cape, Equal Rights and more

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    TIH champions Gauteng’s innovation ecosystem on global stage

    The Innovation Hub, a subsidiary of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency, has been recognised at the esteemed Startup Ecosystem Stars (SES) Awards for its significant contributions to fostering a dynamic innovation ecosystem. The agency, which is strategically tasked with driving innovation in Gauteng Province and is a leader in Enterprise Development, was honoured at the event co-hosted by the France International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Mind The Bridge.
    TIH champions Gauteng’s innovation ecosystem on global stage

    The award ceremony took place at the ICC Headquarters in Paris, France, on 7 December 2023. The Innovation Hub was lauded for its exceptional efforts in nurturing entrepreneurial skills and intellectual property, thereby enhancing innovation capabilities and bolstering the Gauteng economy's global competitiveness.

    The SES Awards aim to shine a spotlight on excellence in global innovation ecosystems, with invited organizations representing cities, regions, or countries. The Innovation Hub's accolade is part of a broader celebration that includes 14 regions and cities across four categories.

    This recognition is further highlighted in the report, Building Startup Ecosystem Stars: The World’s Life Cycle of Innovation 2023. The report showcases groundbreaking case studies, spotlighting exemplary practices and pivotal figures shaping the landscape of global innovation.

    Mothibedi Matshele, the Interim CEO of The Innovation Hub, expressed gratitude.

    Being recognised on a global scale is encouraging to continue undeterred in our mission to foster innovation and support entrepreneurs. This acknowledgment fuels our commitment to driving positive change.

    The Innovation Hub's success story is interwoven with global narratives, illustrating its integral role in the interconnected web of innovation. This acknowledgment is not just an award; it's a testament to the Hub's commitment to fostering innovation and supporting entrepreneurs on a global scale.

    Innovation hunters

    Global "innovation hunters" today, such as Venture Capital funds and large corporates are predominantly focused on a handful of global hotspots characterised by a significant concentration of scale-ups, capital, and talent.

    These hotspots include Silicon Valley, Israel, and a limited number of other hubs worldwide. Meanwhile, most local ecosystems, encompassing countries, regions, and cities, remain relatively unnoticed. For these locales, the imperative of scaling and establishing rapid global connections is not a viable option.

    Despite this, many local governments are actively prioritising policies and allocating public funding to foster the growth of their economies through the attraction and promotion of technological innovation.

    “As the Hub receives this prestigious recognition, we also celebrate the broader community of innovators acknowledged in this global showcase. The report encapsulates the essence of achievement, serving as inspiration for those embarking on their innovation journey. In the world of innovation, every recognition is a step forward, and The Innovation Hub is leading the way with innovation that knows no bounds,” concluded Mothibedi.

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