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Get your glow on at Luxe Laser Studio

I recently spent a night at new Kloofnek gem, the uber-cool Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel and Spa, and was lucky enough to experience some of the signature treatments at the hotel's Luxe Laser Studio.
A day with pamper treats on the itinerary is always a going to be a good one and I rose rested and excited after a night in one of the hotel’s Heritage Deluxe rooms. The salon offers an infrared sauna, indoor gym, jacuzzi, two treatment rooms, and an overwhelming menu of treatments.

Everything from body contouring to hair removal is offered, it was hard to choose which ones to test out. I eventually settled on the classic collagen facial and Tsamma hand manicure.

Precious preservation

Now 32, I am becoming increasingly aware of my fading youth *cry* and have become much more diligent about preserving my skin. SPF every day and a retinol cream every night. Prevention is better than expensive plastic surgery! So I was keen to test out the classic collagen facial which promises to address the loss of collagen and “revitalise and return the skin to a youthful and healthy state.” 75 minutes long, this facial is quite the process and included many different procedures and many of the QMS Medicosmetics products.

After cleansing and a soothing facial massage, the QMS mask is applied, this is a paste that is applied all over the face, and I mean all… even eyelids and mouth, only the nostrils are left uncovered. Such a strange sensation: cool and heavy. People prone to claustrophobia might have a problem with this. I, however, really enjoyed the sensation. This sets on your face for a few minutes after which it’s peeled off, revealing a perfect mould of your visage.

O2 go to

Next, the collagen serum is painted on the face. My therapist also used the Pure Oxygen Treatment with this step. Basically, cool air from the Oxygen Energy Applicator is blown all over the face to help push the product into the skin.

This is followed by yet another mask, this one uses gauze strips that are also moulded to the face. This is all followed up with a few more QMS products and moisturisers.

And the results? I can’t say I noticed all that much difference in the plumping department, however, my skin felt a lot softer and smoother and looked more glowy. I suffer from dry skin and with winter around the corner, the moisture boost was much appreciated. To see significant results this treatment needs to be regular - about once a month my therapist recommended.

Manicure miss

Face treated we moved on to the Tsamma hand manicure. To be honest, this treatment was a bit of a miss for me. It included a nice hand scrub and massage however my nail polish was chipped the following day and I had to remove it the day after it looked so bad.

There was also a rather limited range of colours to choose from. I’m sticking to Gelish for now - at least you get at least two weeks wear out of it. Personally, I would recommend skipping the manicure and picking one of the many other treatments on offer.

Luxe Laser Studio has a salon at the Cloud 9 Hotel as well as salons in Claremont and Seapoint. To view the treatments on offer or to make a booking go to
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