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Area 23 NY's creative director, Geet Rathi named Loeries design category jury president

The 45th annual Loeries Award design category jury president is Geet Rathi.
Image supplied. Geet Rathi, creative director, Area 23, New York, is the jury president of the design category for the 45th annual Loeries
Image supplied. Geet Rathi, creative director, Area 23, New York, is the jury president of the design category for the 45th annual Loeries

The creative director of Area 23, New York, Rathi's creative background spans almost 15+ years.

What she would love to see this year’s design category entries, is the use of new technology to push the category forward into the unknown.

AI: the biggest threat and opportunity

“How might we use all things AI and grow with it?” Geet asks.

“AI is here to help, we just need to imagine more. Looking for that imagination streak in creativity that will stand out and surprise everyone on the planet,” Geet says.

She feels AI is the biggest threat and opportunity that the profession faces this year.

“As such AI will dominate the aesthetics and the conversation around design – knocking aside the more important and pressing subject of sustainability,” Geet says.

And that’s why she believes this is an exciting time to be alive. “Technology causes disruption and innovation for all facets of the world, a rule that is being shown in current times more so than almost any other,” she says.

An ideas person

Geet describes herself as a passionate design specialist, but first and foremost an ideas person.

“This is really very simple. It means that you have a strong affinity for the world of design and possibilities that can empower us.”

Geet explains, “To be foremost an ideas person is that natural inclination towards being truly creative, in the deep sense of that word, not in expression, that is, writing an ad, a book, designing a product or whatever it is, but having insight and never drawing a conclusion from that insight, so that you are moving constantly from insight to insight, action to action.”

That she adds is spontaneity and that is what will bring about original and fresh concepts and innovations around us.

This is aligned to her aspiration which is to create work that’s utility based and is worth talking about by giving people a reason to care.

“This way we might be able to respond to needs in society, which is powerful. One is in a kind of ongoing need, and one is very timely. Because we are being spontaneous and insightful.

Geet adds: “As a design jury, this may help emphasise visionary thinking, attention to detail and exceptional design made for all.”

Numerous awards

Geet has won numerous awards including a Cannes Lions United Nations Grand Prix for Good for Blink To Speak - World’s first eye language guide.

She has been a jury member at Cannes Lions, LIA, Dubai Lynx, Adfest, The One Show, NYF Global Awards, Kyoorius Design Awards and many more. She will share her design insights and experience at the International Seminar of Creativity, during Loeries Creative Week.

Loeries Creative Week will be held in Cape Town, South Africa from 2 – 6 October 2023. Visit The Loeries for further information.

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