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You can now Eat-in at Town Lodges and Road Lodges!

City Lodge Hotel Group is pleased to announce the rollout of its Eat-in restaurants at all Town Lodges and Road Lodges, serving lunch and dinner daily. Five hotels piloted the Eat-in concept last year, with six more hotels set to offer lunch and dinner by the end of January 2022. The rest of the properties will follow suit in the months to come, with all Town Lodges (barring Town Lodge Upper Hill in Nairobi, Kenya which is still temporarily closed) and Road Lodges featuring Eat-in restaurants by June 2022.

The group is known for its hot and cold breakfast spreads and in recent times the additions of a la carte menus at the Courtyard Hotels, including the stunning Protea and Highline restaurants at the new flagship Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City, and the signature #Cafe restaurants in City Lodge Hotels. Soon all Town Lodges and Road Lodges will also have their own signature restaurant, Eat-in, offering a sit-down lunch and dinner service from menus tailored to the brand and location of the properties.

In total, there are 13 Town Lodges offering 1,591 rooms and 23 Road Lodges offering 2,272 rooms. These hotels already offer breakfast and pizza, and guests can now enjoy sit-down lunch and dinner as well, either in the Eat-in restaurant, at the pool deck, in their rooms or on the go.

Lindiwe Sangweni-Siddo, chief operating officer, says of the launch: “We are delighted to encourage our Town Lodge and Road Lodge guests to enjoy tasty, hearty and wholesome lunch and dinner offerings in the comfort of their own hotel at the new Eat-in restaurants. We have been working on developing an in-house dining option in our two budget-friendly brands that fits our customers’ needs and wants, and the Eat-in restaurant and offering is already proving a winner in the first month since launching.”

The Town Lodge Eat-in restaurant menu offers:

You can now Eat-in at Town Lodges and Road Lodges!
You can now Eat-in at Town Lodges and Road Lodges!

The Burgers, served with a side of golden potato wedges and a small side salad

  • Beef Burger (R85)
  • Cheese Burger (R90)
  • Chicken and Cheese Burger (R95)
  • Vegetarian Burger (R90)

The Pizzas

  • Choice of five pizzas (ranging in price from R70 to R95) or build your own with a choice of eight toppings (R10 per topping), including vegetarian

The Hot Meals

  • Chicken with rustic potato wedges and a Portuguese roll: Two leg quarters, marinated in mild peri-peri or sweet-tangy barbeque sauce, roasted to perfection. Served with corn on the cob, our famous house slaw and your choice of either hot potato wedges or pap and chakalaka (half R105 | full R185)
  • Barbeque ribs and potato wedges: A traditional barbeque basted, sweet and sticky pork loin rib, grilled to perfection and served with our famous house slaw, corn on the cob and a side of hot potato wedges (R170)
  • Shisa Nyama: A sizzling ‘Shisa Nyama’ style platter, featuring lemon and herb chicken, sticky barbeque ribs and traditional beef boerewors, grilled to perfection and served with stiff, buttery pap, relish and corn on the cob (R175)
  • Herbed tomato buffalo wings and sticky barbeque ribs: The perfect pairing of herbed tomato marinated chicken wings and sweet and sticky barbeque basted pork ribs, both grilled to perfection, served with dill cucumbers, our famous house slaw and a creamy herb dipping sauce (R170)
  • Beef brisket: Oven-roasted beef brisket served with wholegrain mustard mash and gravy, accompanied by seasonal vegetables (R160)
  • Braised beef short rib stew: Slow braised beef short rib served with herbed mash potato and corn salad (R155)

Options available for vegetarians:

  • Balsamic marinated roasted vegetables, Danish feta and rocket salad (R95)
  • Fresh, seasonal green salad (R85)

The Road Lodge Eat-in restaurant menu offers:

You can now Eat-in at Town Lodges and Road Lodges!
You can now Eat-in at Town Lodges and Road Lodges!

  • Mozambican Prego Roll: Tender steak or juicy chicken fillet marinated in a spicy Mozambican pineapple peri-peri sauce, with butter lettuce, baby spinach, fresh tomato, dill cucumber, red onion rings and mayonnaise, served on a Portuguese roll with a side of hot potato chips (Beef R95; Chicken R85)
  • Chicken with rustic potato chips and a Portuguese roll: A tender full or half chicken served with rustic potato chips and a Portuguese roll (Half chicken R105; Full chicken R185)
  • Chicken salad: Chicken breast and a creamy boiled egg, fresh micro greens garnished with a selection of seeds, red onion and radish, served with a honey and mustard dressing (R75)
  • Barbeque ribs and golden hot potato chips: A traditional barbeque basted, sweet and sticky pork loin rib, grilled to perfection and served with a side of golden hot potato chips (R140)
  • Choice of five pizzas (priced from R70 to R95) or build your own (selection of eight toppings at R10 each)
  • Options available for vegetarians include meat-free pizzas and salad

Town Lodges and Road Lodges also have a drinks menu with a range of hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to go with the meals.

Top chef and international culinary competition judge, Trevor Boyd, has led the charge in his role as group general manager: food and beverage since April 2021. He brings a wealth of experience, expertise and energy in both working in and managing kitchens in top hotels, as well as two decades as part of Culinary Team South Africa representing the country at the IKA Culinary Olympics held in Germany every four years. He was part of the team that won a gold medal in 2008 and served as team manager during the last IKA Culinary Olympics, guiding and training the team to their win of three bronze medals in 2020.

Trevor notes: “Hungry guests staying at Town Lodges and Road Lodges can now enjoy our delicious meals served by our people, who are most excited to deliver these new offerings. Menus feature a choice of traditional South African dishes and family favourites. Our Shisa Nyama, chicken and rib meals are by far the most popular dishes on the menu.”

City Lodge Hotel
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