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Apply now to study at the NWU in 2022

At the beginning of every year, thousands of students across the country can be found scrambling for space at various institutions of higher learning. Applying on time when applications open in the previous year can help students and parents avoid this unnecessary stress.
During 2020 the North-West University (NWU) received over 100,000 applications from prospective students who wanted to study here in 2021. With only 10 400 spaces available for first-year contact students, it is important that prospective students apply on time.

Online applications ( to study at the NWU in 2022 have been open since 5 April 2021 and will close on 30 June 2021. Selection courses will close on 30 September 2021.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown regulations the university will not host any physical open days. It will offer a virtual Open Day ( and a number of student life webinars during the month of May.

The application process

All the courses that are available at the NWU can be found on the zero-rated website Prospective students who are unsure of the qualification they want to obtain can use the NWU’s Interest Index ( to guide them to a course that is in line with their interests.

“The NWU is ranked seventh in the country and is in the top 4,7% of the best universities in the world. The university receives a large number of applications on an annual basis, and prospective students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to ensure that their applications are evaluated and considered for study in 2022,” says Jean Stidworthy, the director of the Marketing and Student Recruitment department.

As soon as they submit their applications students will receive a confirmation SMS. Formal communication with regard to their admission status will be sent to them via email within two or three weeks after the NWU has received and evaluated their Grade 12 results.

Jean says that it is not the end of the road for prospective students who do not meet the requirements to study. They can either rewrite Grade 12 or consider the UNIVPREP ( programme that will prepare them for their formal qualification.

Prospective students are encouraged to follow the NWU on social media and to constantly check for updates.

For more information or any enquiries regarding undergraduate applications, prospective students or parents can call 018 285 4320 or email

North-West University  (NWU)
The North-West University (NWU) is one of South Africa's top five universities; that offers superior academic excellence, cutting-edge research and innovation and teaching and learning. It all starts here.



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