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Does the viral Bajaj Qute 'car' really cost R150 per month?

The Bajaj Qute vehicle has gone viral in Mzansi over the past week with many sharing memes about its size and supposed price of R150 per month. The Qute is, in fact, a quadricycle with a retail price of R75,000.
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Image source: Go Mechanic

It weighs 481kgs with a maximum speed of 70km per hour. Its carbon footprint is significantly less than that of big cars and it poses less threat to pedestrians and cyclists. Have a look at the specs below.


  • Length: 2,752mm
  • Width: 1,312mm
  • Height: 1,652mm
  • Wheel-base: 1,925mm
  • Wheel track: 1,143mm
  • Turning circle radius: 3.5m

The vehicle can transport four adults, including the driver and it has a luggage compartment capable of transporting goods weighing 20kgs in the bonnet and 40kgs on the roof if you install rails.

The Bajaj Qute has a 0.6 engine capacity and can do 36kms with just a litre of petrol. The car can carry four passengers at a time, including the driver.

The quadricycle is not sold at any car dealership but can be bought through an order and delivery system provided by Bajaj-South Africa.

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