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Judges and Speakers for Loeries 2004 announced

The judges and speakers for Loeries 2004 have been announced. They are drawn from a list of names nominated by the Creative Circle in conjunction with Café Society (the Communication and Advertising Forum for Empowerment). The names are then approved by both these bodies on behalf of the Marketing Federation of SA (MFSA).

The names are chosen based on a ranking system from the industry. The industry ranks who they believe are the best creatives in the country, and that ranking table is used as a basis for inviting the judges.

The marketing representatives on this prestigious panel are nominated by the MFSA. They are nominated in consultation with the ad industry on who they believe are great marketers and at the same time understand creativity.

The final judges are:

Brett Morris, FCB
Kamal Gangram, FCB
Wendy Moorcroft, JWT
Alistair King, KingJames
Vanessa Pearson, Leo Burnett
Wingwing Mdlulwa, Twist
Roger Paulse, Lowe Bull
Mike Schalit, Net#Work BBDO
Gerry Human, Ogilvy
Rajesh Ranchod, Saatchi & Saatchi
Sandy de Witt, TBWA Hunt Lascaris
Festus Masekwameng, TBWA Hunt Lascaris
Graham Warsop, The Jupiter Drawing Room
Ahmed Tilly, The Jupiter Drawing Room

Film Production Specialist:

Peter Gird - Peter Gird Productions

Marketing Judges:

Kim Thipe - Yfm
Lesley Mtloko - Metro

International Judge:

Tony Davidson - Wieden & Kennedy

Some of the confirmed speakers for the Loeries Festival at Sun City this year, October 1 - 3, are:

1. World Federation of Advertisers: Stephan Loerke. Topic: threats to advertising.
2. European Advertising Standards Alliance: Dr Oliver Grey, director general. Topic: food and alcohol advertising and world health organization involvement.
3. Sony SA: Koji Wakaizumi, managing director. Topic: broad band meteorite.
4. Business in the Community UK: Sue Adkins. Topic: Cause related marketing.
5. Manchester United: Ben Hatton, head of Commercial Development. Topic: business case for Manchester United.
6. Getty Images: speaker to be confirmed.
7. Enterprise IG: Glen Tutsel. Topic: strategy and branding of premier alcohol brands. He is a corporate ID and branding guru
8. Leo Burnette World Wide: Richard Pinder, EMEA President. Topic: to be confirmed.
9. Wieden & Kennedy: Tony Davidson. Topic: to be confirmed
10. Marketing Science Centre in Adelaide in Australia: Dr Jenni Romaniuk. Topic: branding is critically important but not for the reasons you were taught at school.

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