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#BizTrends2019: Going green has never been more golden

The year 2018 was packed with environmental buzzwords. Sustainable, eco-friendly, low-carbon footprint, and upcycle are just some of the words that we are used to hearing in conversations with our clients, and for good reason.
Kim Winstanley, chief growth officer and partner at Worx Group.

The world is making unprecedented moves towards going greener, and the events industry is no exception. As we dive into an undeniably eco-focused 2019, these are the core green trends to look out for.

Half measures won’t fly

When it comes to putting on a truly sustainable event, there’s more to consider than simply cutting out plastic straws.
Stats show that the typical conference attendee produces just under 2kg of waste per day, and to truly reduce that number, event professionals need to be smart about every step in the process. We’ve seen unconsidered event efforts actually have the opposite effect on an event’s waste output because they’re too busy concentrating on the superficial green elements.
As we move into 2019 half measures simply won’t be acceptable any longer. From transportation to location, production, purchasing, food and drink, tech, lighting (and yes, even those pesky plastic straws) you should be looking at each and every decision you make with a distinctly green-focused view.

Transparency becomes key

Green events might be en vogue, but committing to going green without actually meaning it couldn’t be less fashionable.

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By Leigh Andrews 13 Oct 2016

While operating sustainably should be a priority for all events, it’s worth accepting that doing so opens you up to a whole new world of scrutiny, and we’re seeing that the need to be honest about your actions is only set to increase over the next year.

If you say something is green, whether it’s as small as a lightbulb or as big as a billboard, and it turns out not to be, you will be found out.

So, I’d say save yourself the trouble and be upfront with your clients and your guests about which aspects of your event are Bambi-approved from the get-go.

Less is more, but requires smarter planning

One of the major essential conversations that we’ve had with our clients is that, although going green is clearly imperative to operating in the modern-day landscape, it doesn’t necessarily mean going cheap.

Oftentimes, deciding to use a supplier or product that is highly environmentally conscious can result in a bigger bill, so we’re anticipating that event planners will need to be smart when it comes to budgeting, to keep plans both responsible and plausible.

But hey, that’s not to say it’s not doable! With the right research, competent planning, and ample communication, you’ll never have to choose between unforgettable and eco-friendly.

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Issued by Worx Group 7 Dec 2018

Green eventing is a trend that’s here to stay, and if companies are able to embrace the steps that are needed to lessen their impact on the environment, it’s a change that will spread much further than the doors of your next conference.
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With thousands of successful events under her belt, many of them breaking creative boundaries but always executed to top standards with impeccable attention to detail, Kim Winstanley's work as Worx Group's chief growth officer continues to lead the company from strength to strength...