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Loeries officially confirmed for Margate

The Loerie Awards 2006 have finally been officially confirmed for Margate and all the important dates announced. There's already a bun fight over accommodation as agencies - who haven't even entered yet - make sure they don't miss out on the biggest party of the year, or the best spots to host their own parties!
Important dates for this year's Loerie Awards have been announced. They are:
  • Entries Open: 1 May
  • Entry Close: 30 June
  • Awards ceremony: 16 and 17 September, Margate
  • Publishing or airing window: 1 August 2005 and 30 June 2006

    The Loerie Awards Managing Director, Andrew Human, who has just renewed his contract for a second year to run the awards on behalf of the industry, is thrilled with the response. To cater to the anticipated demand, the planned construction of giant screens outside the venue will enable far greater numbers to view the awards.

    And since half the audience preferred to stand around the bar at the Loeries awards events anyway, this might be a smart move!

    While the actual awards venue is still a secret, it is pretty certain that the circus tent won't be used again, although Margate beach is still an option. Whatever venue - big enough to hold the more than 1500 people on each night - is chosen, it will be within walking distance of everything on the Margate beachfront and CBD area, Human reiterates.

    This was the plan last year before spring tides washed half the Margate beach away and made it an impossibility to construct the Moscow circus tent on it as the first venue option.

    It was almost a disastrous end to a brave move by the industry to change the awards paradigm completely and move it from Sun City to Margate, amid a storm of criticism. But it all worked out on the night(s).

    Showcasing Loeries

    In addition, last month saw the launch of the 'The Loerie Awards 2005 Travelling Exhibition', a showcase of all Gold and Silver winning work, at the 2006 Design Indaba Expo held in Cape Town. Over 15 500 people attended the Expo and would have had the opportunity to see the travelling exhibition, the first of its kind from The Loerie Awards. Hosted by the SABC, one of The Loerie Awards' partners for the 2006 event, it attracted a great deal of attention from visitors to the Expo.

    Human said it proved the effectiveness of creative communication: "Advertising is often criticised for its intrusive nature. However, judging by the Travelling Exhibition's reception at the Design Indaba, it appears that only bad communication alienates the public. If you give people the opportunity to interact with creative - good - advertising, they will actively choose to engage with the brand. It's this creative excellence that The Loerie Awards seeks to reward each year - and for marketers and their agencies, this is a vital consideration in engaging with their target audience."

    At this stage, several venues have been confirmed to host the Travelling Exhibition, including the Vega School of Advertising in Durban from March 31 to April 9; the Rand Show from April 14 to May 1; Vega in Johannesburg from May 22 to May 29; the Grahamstown Festival from June 29 to July 8; and the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography, 3 - 17 August. It will also show at the Margate Art Gallery later in the year at Loeries 2006.

    Anyone interested in hosting the exhibition should visit The Loerie Awards website for more information: www.theloerieawards.co.za.

    Human confirmed that three companies have already committed themselves to sponsoring The Loerie Awards 2006: major partners Media24 and the SABC, and Brandhouse.
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