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Smart Media launches Smart Grab & Go at in-store till points

Retail advertising innovation company, Smart Media, has launched its till-point solution called Smart Grab & Go.

Cecil Ungerer, Smart Media’s chief sales officer, says: “There’s an expression that goes, ‘Possession is nine-tenths of the law’ but in retail we believe position is nine-tenths of the law.

“The Smart Grab & Go units are smartly situated in the last mile of the shopping experience to increase the rate of sale. Not every customer will browse every aisle, but every costumer does have to move through to the check out in order to pay for their basket. It is the highest traffic volume area of any store and it is prime real estate for brands in retail which is where the idea for Smart Grab & Go was born,” Ungerer adds.

A pilot project with a popular energy-boosting brand that was strategically placed at till-points recently concluded and proved to be a great success.

“Since implementation of the Smart Grab & Go till point solution I have seen exponential growth in the product brand placed at the tills. Once I Identified the correct till allocation and position the brand showed noticeable percentage increases of up to double and in some cases triple the quantities, relating to 100% to 150% increase in sales. It is an easy impulse purchase for our customers,” says Bradley Schaffer, Dis-Chem Linksfield’s store manager.

The process includes an in-store audit to assess the available space. While units have been purpose made to fit most till points already, they can be customisable in certain circumstances. This means that brands placed at till points are easily visible and more importantly, accessible.

While the units are ideally meant for secondary product placement, brands don’t necessarily need a spot in the aisle to sell at till points. But if they do decide to hop on the last mile, Smart Grab & Go is a valuable option for brands to consider.

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