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MoneyWeek comes to SA

Fleet Street Publications announced last week that it is launching MoneyWeek, currently published in London and considered one of the best providers of global financial information, in South Africa. MoneyWeek interprets and makes sense of all the thousands of column inches that are published daily in magazines, newspapers and on Internet sites and distils the information into useful investment knowledge that readers can profit from.
In a single, weekly, 36-page magazine, readers receive a synopsis of the best and most relevant financial advice, presented in a solid, independent and unbiased manner. The magazine is designed so that financial information can be accessed quickly and easily. It is written in plain English, with short, sharp and to-the-point editorial. Cover-to-cover reading time is supposed to take less than an hour.

MoneyWeek is aimed at the cash-rich, time-poor who have an interest in local and global finance but do not wish to wade through the financial pages of newspapers and magazines.

The publication covers everything from serious investment advice to fun ways of spending your money. It deals with stocks, bonds, unit trusts, private equity, commodities, spread trading, precious metals, property, insurance, banking services, pensions, tax planning, art and antiques and alternative investments.

The publication became available via subscription from 8 June 2007. From early 2008, it will appear in stores nationwide.
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