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Lectera - mastering practical skills in 15 minutes a day

The international educational platform Lectera offers training in nine popular fields, including online and network marketing, sales, business, women's leadership, soft skills, financial literacy, and courses for teenagers. All courses are available in four languages (Russian, English, German, Spanish). Moreover, they are based on the innovative Fast Education teaching methodology and are focused on mastering practical skills for career and income.

Lectera online courses: practice, speed, results

All Lectera courses, regardless of language and field, include:

  • From 7 to 11 video lessons with a total duration of up to three hours (each lesson lasts around 7-10 minutes). Such bite-sized training allows you to boost new skills without interfering with your main job tasks, devoting only 15-20 minutes a day to learning right during your lunch break or on your way home.
  • A set of additional materials, which saves the user from having to look for related information on their own. It includes checklists, templates, guides and instructions to help you integrate a new skill into your daily routine.
  • A built-in skill training. Immediately after gaining new knowledge, you begin to put it into practice using contextual tests and case studies.
  • Homework assignments for self-examination. No third parties review them, so you are the only one monitoring your progress.
  • Text transcripts and the ability to download lessons for offline review. In addition, you can slow down the speed of the video lesson or print the transcripts to carry around as a quick sheet.

The Fast Education methodology involves cyclic learning: gaining knowledge - putting knowledge into practice - turning knowledge into a practical skill - revision. Thanks to this, Lectera can help you develop any skill from scratch and in the shortest possible time. The platform offers a minimum of theory and a maximum of real tools that you can use here and now.

Why you should choose Lectera

In today’s world, following the concept of lifelong learning is the only sure way for any specialist to survive in an ever-changing and turbulent labour market. And the Lectera platform is the most convenient way to adhere to it. Unlike the university, where it takes at least two years to master a new profession, and by the time a student graduates, all the knowledge they have gained is already outdated, Lectera allows you to master any profession of the future in only two-three months. Also, the platform provides only up-to-date and expert knowledge, as an international team of experts develops each course and regularly updates them.

At the moment, the Lectera catalogue contains more than a hundred courses for every taste and any goal that can change your life and career. Start learning today to get results tomorrow!

Visit Lectera's official website:

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