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Eco-label stimulates a sustainable market for manufacturers

The introduction of Eco-Choice Africa's (ECA) eco-label provides information and guidance on environmentally responsible products. Not only does this enable manufacturers to achieve external verification for sustainable products, but it also allows consumers to identify and source 'greener' products with confidence - which, in turn, stimulates a more sustainable market for responsible manufacturers.
Eco-label stimulates a sustainable market for manufacturers

The standards introduced by ECA have been developed from recognised and internationally respected eco-label programmes before being tailored to meet local conditions. The label offers certification of the environmental status of a range of consumer goods and recognises the potential impacts of manufactured goods on the environment and in some cases, consumers themselves.

Growing consumer awareness

Eco-labelling has become a worldwide trend over the past few years as consumer awareness of the negative environmental impacts of everyday items grows. Demand for environmentally-friendly products and services is driving the manufacturing sector to embrace eco-labelling as a marketing differential in an increasingly competitive market and responsible manufacturers are developing and bringing to market a wider range of eco-labelled consumer goods to meet this demand.

ECA is a private initiative to meet consumer demand for more responsible products in Africa and aims to become the most recognised and respected eco brand on the continent. "Eco-Choice provides a distinctive marketing opportunity for manufacturers to attract the environmentally-conscious consumer," says project administrator Greg McManus.

At present the range of Eco-Choice labelled products for both commercial and domestic use includes personal products, cleaning materials and furnishings. It will shortly be expanded to include recycled products, paper, packaging and paints - with the rest of manufacturing sector being included as the demand for eco-labelling arises.

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