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Indaba Wines caters to rising demand for 'bag in box' wine options

Cape Classics, a US-based importer of South African wines, is preparing to release its Indaba Wines brand in a 3-litre bag in box (BiB) format as changing consumer habits fuel the demand for higher quality BiB wine options.
According to the brand, the rise in popularity of the BiB option has seen even the esteemed Decanter magazine publish a rating of BiB wines from the likes of Italy, Argentina and France, with some wines earning 90-point scores.

The case for BiB packaging

“The essence of the shift stems from the consumer, who is looking for high quality, affordable wines but also in packaging that is easier to transport and store, with less impact on the environment from production to consumption,” explains Robert Bradshaw, president and COO of Cape Classics. “Also, longevity once opened is also attractive to consumers. Because the tap limits exposure to oxygen, wine in a BiB will easily last longer than a traditional bottle, whether under screwcap or cork closure.”

The BiB packaging will be offered with the existing Indaba Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Mosaic (the Cabernet Sauvignon-based Bordeaux blend). “We will also release a Cabernet Sauvignon SKU, but only in this format,” says Bradshaw.

There has been a lot of interest in Indaba’s Bag in Box move from Cape Classics’ partners across the USA, but the initial launch of the new packaging will be New York and Massachusetts. “We would not rule out a South African launch, but there are no immediate plans as we are first testing market response and results first during this test trial in the US,” says Bradshaw.

A 750 ml bottle of Indaba wine currently retails for between $8 and $10.99, while the 3L BiB of the same wine will retail for between $17 and $19.99. Reduced packaging and distribution costs are the main reasons why wines can be sold for less per litre in BiB format.

“If you compare a 3L BiB to 4 x 750ml bottles giving the same volume of wine, there are huge savings in the primary packaging, approximately 25% going up to 35% as volumes grow. The cost of distribution is also reduced with double the wine volume being packed into a 40-foot container compared to where the weight limit is reached with glass,” explains Bradshaw.

Crafted by Bruwer Raats

Indaba Wines have been crafted by esteemed South African winemaker Bruwer Raats since 2008. “Bruwer, who is also proprietor and winemaker of internationally acclaimed Raats Family Wines, MR and B Vintners, brings extensive knowledge, talent, passion, and a personal connection to Indaba, overseeing the sourcing of varietal components and creating handcrafted wines that are stylistically fresh, juicy and approachable,” says Bradshaw.

A portion of all global sales of the Indaba Wine brand support the Indaba Education Fund (IEF), a fully accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation established by Cape Classics to provide early childhood teacher training, learning materials, and educational infrastructure to young, at-risk children living in the South African Winelands.
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