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Mpact Versapak states the polystyrene facts

Mpact Versapak has engaged with the Polystyrene Association of South Africa to develop a campaign that will eliminate the many myths about polystyrene as a packaging medium and bring the facts to the forefront.

Other than correcting the most common myths, it also addresses the safe use of polystyrene and explains the recyclability thereof.

By correcting the beliefs about this packaging medium, Versapak can make a positive contribution to the market and assist consumers to make positive environmental changes by changing their polystyrene recycling habits. Polystyrene is recycled into many items that we all use on a daily basis.

Mpact Versapak states the polystyrene facts

Mpact Plastics is a leading producer of rigid plastic packaging and cling film in southern Africa. We operate out of nine production centres across the country, providing packaging from plants with relevant certifications. We service the food, beverage, personal care, home care, pharmaceutical, agricultural and retail markets. In upholding company values, and as a supporter of the circular economy, we positively contribute to industry associations, enabling various communities to participate in recycling solutions.

Mpact is the largest paper and plastics packaging and recycling business in Southern Africa. Our integrated business model is uniquely focused on closing the loop in plastic and paper packaging through recycling and beneficiation of recyclables.
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