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New Burn Media division incorporating

Recently appointed GM, Hendri Lategan, is to head up the new division of, Burn Media. The relatively young sister brands, and will form part of the new division. Ventureburn, the company's latest addition, explores start-up news for emerging markets, while Gearburn focuses on gadget and game reviews.
Hendri Lategan
Lategan was previously the company's commercial manager and has been part of the operation almost since its inception, playing a critical role in the site's growth. Michelle Atagana, the managing editor, heads the sites up editorially.

The site, now just over two years old, is reportedly rapidly climbing the Effective Measure's 'Top 100 sites in South Africa' list, currently standing at number 52 for local and international readership. Since inception, the site has reached more than five-million page views. The collective sites currently enjoy a readership of around 300 000 unique visitors.

High-fidelity advertising opportunities

Lategan said the division is gearing up to take advantage of new high-fidelity advertising opportunities offered on tablets, in what he sees as a "convergence" between print and digital advertising. Its new, upcoming iPad, which has been in development for a year, will take full advantage of this and offer some new formats, including full-page adverts.

"Leading analysts have stated that mobile is the future of digital. The division has set out to build one of the most comprehensive mobile offerings in the market with its own native iOS and Android applications, including its new iPad app, which is currently in its final stages of development. This will provide revolutionary advertising opportunities, drawing on the strengths of both digital and traditional creative executions," says Lategan.

The division pays particular attention to the emerging market BRICS and developing economies, reporting on start-ups and technology trends from the regions.

"The emerging market tech space is growing rapidly, with big international companies snapping up smaller agencies in Africa. It is a space we are excited. There is a lot of rich content coming out of the region, a growing start-up culture with hubs in at least 10 different African countries and Silicon Valley-like cultures in places like Russia and China. With this expansion, the division hopes to be at the forefront of all the breaking news," says Atagana.

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