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Revolutionising digital signage

Together with its Vikuiti rear projection film and Epson's 3LCD projectors, 3M's new digital signage solution turns a window into a branding experience for passers-by. “Vikuiti allows you to place a thin piece of film, cut to any size or shape, onto a window and to project an image or video from behind the surface (i.e. from inside a store), turning any window, mirror or piece of glass into a digital billboard,” explains Dawn Isdale, marketing supervisor, display & graphics, 3M SA.
Revolutionising digital signage

With common projector screens, the image is projected onto the front of the screen, which makes window-based branding a challenge, especially in public places such as shopping malls and city streets where space is limited and projectors are out in the open or require mounting in special positions.

Vikuiti is a highly versatile, self-adhesive film which contains millions of glass beads and is designed to transform any piece of glass into a branding and promotion tool, enabling either clear, colourful, still or motion images to be projected onto its surface from behind the glass.


Placing Vikuiti film on a window also offers an alternative to wall-mounted or bracket-mounted LCD and plasma screens, which may be expensive to run and a problem to secure from potential theft. It also addresses the problems commonly associated with glass- and window-based signage such as reflections and poor visibility in both naturally- and artificially-lit environments, and boasts a 180-degree viewing angle.

With an allegedly almost instant setup, the Vikuiti film can be affixed to a window and be ready to project onto within minutes.

“The combination of Vikuiti's patented glass bead technology and Epson's crisp projection technology means that retailers and marketers will be able to catch potential customers' eyes much quicker with new and interesting ways to advertise their goods or services,” claims Albert Fayard, corporate account manager for Epson SA.

Space saver

“Because Vikuiti has such a large viewing angle, and Epson's projectors have auto keystone correction up to 30 degrees in any direction, retailers are able to set up a display solution in innovative ways to save space, using mirrors and angled reflection,” he says.

With Epson's focus on helping make projectors less dependent on PCs to function, marketers now have the ability to plug a USB stick or memory card loaded with images or video directly into an Epson projector, minimising the need for a PC or “media box”, thus saving valuable space in a shop.

According to 3M and Epson, even at a distance and viewing angle parallel to a the film, people walking past a high-quality image or video being projected onto a Vikuiti screen on a shop window are able to hold their attention much longer than cardboard cut-outs or even LCD or Plasma screens.

“Used together, Vikuiti screens and Epson projectors have hundreds of applications in areas such as airports, retail, education, contact centres, sporting events and even security. Wherever an image is displayed, Vikuiti can change it into a space-saving and very eye-catching experience,” Isdale concludes.

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