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Convenient chronic medicine pick-up points a game changer for SA's healthcare system

The Cipla Foundation's Sha'p Left initiative has seen 50 chronic medicine pick-up points set up in under-served communities across Gauteng and Kwa Zulu-Natal, and they have so far been a resounding success.
Source: Pixabay

The initiative is a free service to the public and has helped one million people collect their medication conveniently and efficiently, freeing up much-needed resources at hospitals and clinics.

This innovative service supports the National Department of Health Dablapmeds programme, which encourages stable chronic patients to collect their regular medication at accredited sites away from the usual State hospitals or clinics, freeing up much-needed resources to treat patients in need of more immediate and urgent care.

“It’s no secret that South Africa’s healthcare system has been severely overburdened and under-resourced in the wake of the global pandemic, which is why an initiative like this is so necessary and valuable,” says Paul Miller, chief executive officer of Cipla South Africa.

“Reaching the milestone of one million chronic medication parcels handed out since Sha’p Left was established is definitely something worth celebrating, and could not have been achieved without a committed team, and our valued partnership with the National Department of Health.

“Thanks to convenient and extended trading hours, conveniently located pick-up points close to hospitals and clinics, and innovative modular infrastructure, people in need of chronic medication will also no longer have to wait in long queues or endure frustrating administrative processes to get what they need.

"The process takes minutes and is hassle-free, which is in fact a game changer in terms of easing the burden on our health system and institutions.

“Healthy people are productive people, better able to support their families and their communities. Adherence to required chronic medication is linked to improved clinical outcomes, which means less hospital admissions, decreased morbidity and mortality, and reduced healthcare costs,” adds Miller.

“At Cipla, we believe that quality, affordable healthcare should be accessible by everyone, and we have worked hard to ensure that the Sha’p Left initiative, along with all the great work done by the Cipla Foundation, links to our ethos of “caring for life” and making a profound difference in a patient’s life,” concludes Miller.

The initiative also makes it easier for patients to stay on their treatment, promoting and preserving their health and wellness.

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