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No. 1 Cannes You Even?

BIPOC, #outsidevoices, micro-agression,( buzzword of the day), Spotify Beach, enjoy the exclusive daily update from the Grey and Savanna Cider team, direct from the Riviera...
No. 1 Cannes You Even?

The Grey and Savanna team headed to Spotify Beach for the Representation Behind the Mic session on the power and importance of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of colour) leaders in the creative industries.

Hosted by Emmy award-winning and Jemele Hill is Unbothered podcast host and sports journalist, Jemele Hill, the panel discussion featured #OutsideVoice trailblazers who have addressed the lack of diversity and inclusion in their audio-led industries by taking matters into their own hands, building platforms that amplify underrepresented voices.

Panelists included co-founder and vice president of the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences, Joan Baker, Spotify vice president and global head of Marketing, Taj Alavi and Spotify advertising senior manager of creative development, Tye Comer.

We heard first-hand accounts of how the speakers got where they are in their careers. Baker also shared struggles black women face (micro aggressions – buzz word of the day) and overcoming them by empowering young talent and providing mentoring opportunities.

Spotify Beach featuring Jemele Hill, Joan Baker; Taj Alavi and Tye Comer
Spotify Beach featuring Jemele Hill, Joan Baker; Taj Alavi and Tye Comer

Apart from the inspiring discussion, Spotify Beach was a five-star experience. Great speakers, content, music from the resident DJ, food, bar and lots of engaging activities to participate in, such as a juice bar and a smoothie bar to get you geared for the day.

And while South Africa is hitting all-time low freezing temperatures, the team enjoyed an interactive Gelato and Sorbet bar where they made their own concoctions to cool down in the glorious summer weather abroad. It also didn’t hurt that it was by the beach!

Stay tuned for a review of Day 3 as the team is heading to the Palais to see Ryan Reynolds talk! FOMO from SA!

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