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Should we expect more private prosecutions for environmental crimes?

Private prosecutions for environmental crimes has always been a thorny issue in South African environmental law. In the recent case of Uzani Environmental Advocacy CC v BP Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd, BP was found guilty of contravening the National Environmental Management Act...

By Athi Jara 17 Apr 2019

Watson wind farm stopped - for now

The controversial decision to grant environmental authorisation for the Watson family's massive wind farm project on the summit of the Groot Winterhoek mountains near Uitenhage has been overturned - at least temporarily...

By John Yeld 16 Apr 2019

Can South Africa learn lessons from the mega mistakes of Eskom's mega projects?

Kusile and Medupi power stations continue to come under fire as poorly managed and ill-designed, remaining years behind completion dates amidst drastically rising costs that now stand at R300bn...

By Makgopa Tshehla 15 Apr 2019

Mine opening signals SA's investment potential

Coal continues to form a key part of South Africa's energy mix, in line with the country's Integrated Resource Plan, and the coal mining sector should continue investing in clean technology to mitigate the effects of climate change...

12 Apr 2019

Feathers fly over Watson wind farm plan

The Department of Environmental Affairs has given the go-ahead to a wind farm project that the Watson family wants to build in the Eastern Cape, before assessing strong differences of opinion from scientists...

By John Yeld 10 Apr 2019

Eskom implements winter plan, but urges SA to use power sparingly

Eskom has reviewed its winter plan, but has cautioned the country to use electricity sparingly as the demand for power is expected to increase this week as cold weather gets a grip on parts of South Africa...

9 Apr 2019

How did loadshedding impact the fiscus?

While a diesel shipment arrived and provided relief to the dire stage 4 loadshedding in South Africa last month, this may be short-lived if the boiler tubes are not repaired by the time the diesel is burnt by the open-cycle gas turbines...

9 Apr 2019

10 tips for when the lights go out

Although the threat of loadshedding seems to have faded for now, it's always a good idea to stay prepared. Here are 10 ways you can stay loadshedding-ready...

Issued by Private Property South Africa 8 Apr 2019

The case for coal as the most secure energy fuel for emerging market economies

So much of the world's growth over the past 200 years has been due to the discovery and ever-increasing use of affordable energy derived from fossil fuels led by coal, followed by oil, and natural gas...

By Alan M Clegg 5 Apr 2019

Radebe hints at private investment to meet IRP agenda

Energy Minister Jeff Radebe says Eskom on its own cannot supply the R1trn of investment in power generation, transmission and distribution needed by 2030 under the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

By Alexandra Felekis 4 Apr 2019

USAID launches 3 Centres of Excellence to build links between Egyptian, US universities

These centres have been created to foster high-quality applied research and build relationships among the education community, the private sector, and policymakers...

3 Apr 2019

Revised Carbon Tax Bill introduced to Parliament

Last week the minister of finance introduced the revised Carbon Tax Bill (Bill) to Parliament, which aims to give effect to South Africa's objectives and commitments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions...

By Gillian Niven & Nirvasha Singh 2 Apr 2019

Consumers should generate their own electricity and become 'prosumers'

South Africans should be allowed, and in fact encouraged, to generate their own electricity...

By Prof Wikus van Niekerk 2 Apr 2019

Renewables: The cheaper, cleaner choice for SA

Phasing out coal in the power sector by 2040 would allow SA to fulfil its commitment to the Paris Agreement goal of limiting warming to well below 2°C without significant impact on the economy...

1 Apr 2019

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