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How NFC communicates with consumers

Technological innovation offers increasingly more sophisticated methods of communicating with consumers, one of which is near field communication (NFC) technology...

Issued by Pyrotec 3 days ago

5 major CX trends that shaped 2020

Customer experience has always been a crucial differentiator for businesses, but in 2020, it became a matter of survival...

By Andrew Bourne 1 Dec 2020

2020 presents a Black Friday unlike any other

It's that time of the year again, when retailers attract their biggest share of customers and increase in-store foot traffic as the festive season begins...

27 Nov 2020

First Black Friday and festive season since Covid-19 - what can we expect?

As millions of people in South Africa brace themselves for the Black Friday shopping bonanza, the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that a lot more people will choose to look for their deals online...

By Yaron Assabi 26 Nov 2020

Has Covid-19 exposed a lack of customer experience in local businesses?

Marketing guru, Philip Kotler, said that the customer is king, but has this been the case during the Covid-19 pandemic?

26 Nov 2020

Why customer experience is critical during the online retail transition

Covid-19 has fuelled development in the e-commerce space, but there is a downside to this sudden shift...

By Meghan Taylor 25 Nov 2020

Green Monday: the next retail shopping event to plan for

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now Green Monday. Retailers would be forgiven for becoming a little breathless with all the shopping events that fall just weeks before the traditional rush of the festive season...

25 Nov 2020

OneDayOnly launches ODOmeter to assess online consumer behaviour

The ODOmeter will be conducted on a quarterly basis to assess the shifts and changes in the rapidly evolving e-commerce sector...

24 Nov 2020

Heightened customer service expectations this Black Friday

Customers will assume a very different Black Friday experience on 27 November given the Covid-19 pandemic, and their service expectations will be higher...

24 Nov 2020

2020 South African Loyalty Awards winners revealed

The South African Loyalty Awards were developed specifically to celebrate loyalty excellence and innovation...

19 Nov 2020

Trust is retail's secret sauce

Building trust has always been critical in retail, but in the digital age, its importance has doubled. Technology and human judgement hold the key...

By Tanya Long 17 Nov 2020

Don't mistake having an online store for true omnichannel retailing

The age of the mall is waning. That phrase sends property fund managers into a cold sweat. But it's not just the lower foot traffic as a result of Covid that is to blame for the pressure on brick-and-mortar stores...

11 Nov 2020

Using data effectively to enhance customer experience

While advancements in technology give consumers the convenience of getting the products and services they want, it's the generated and collected data from these engagements that add real value...

By Lorraine Doke 10 Nov 2020

Pulling off a smooth and safe Black Friday mid-pandemic

Retailers need to revise their approaches to ensure safer sales and customers in the time of Covid-19...

9 Nov 2020

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