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This is no time to neglect hepatitis - 70-million Africans are infected

In 2016, the WHO set an ambitious target to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030...

By Pauline Bakibinga 3 days ago

Adult vaccination could stop unnecessary deaths

Vaccines are very much top of mind at the moment as the world races to beat the Covid-19 pandemic, but there are many other preventable diseases and deaths that can be avoided if adults are vaccinated...

20 Jul 2021

Sani-Med offers an alcohol-free non toxic hand sanitiser/disinfectant and fogger

Since the Covid-19 pandemic struck South Africa, we have set about sanitising our hands at regular intervals, and spraying down potentially contagious items and surfaces. But all anti-viral disinfectants are not made equal...

Issued by Sani-Med 6 Jul 2021

Study shows a huge burden of undiagnosed disease in a rural South African district

South Africa's massive effort over the years to test and treat people for HIV has drastically improved public health. But in that process, other diseases that are highly prevalent may have been neglected...

By Emily B Wong 28 Jun 2021

How The Gambia beat trachoma, an infection that causes blindness

The government of The Gambia recently announced that the country had eliminated trachoma...

By Musa Mutali 7 Jun 2021

The next pandemic is already happening - targeted disease surveillance can help prevent it

As more and more people around the world are getting vaccinated, one can almost hear the collective sigh of relief. But the next pandemic threat is likely already making its way through the population right now...

By Maureen Miller 3 Jun 2021

Ebola survivors: their health struggles and how best to support them

West Africa's Ebola outbreak between 2013 and 2016 was the most widespread in the history of the disease. By the end of the outbreak, more than 28,000 people were infected and 11,000 succumbed to the disease...

By Peter B James, Abdulai Jawo Ba, Amie Steel, Jon Adams & Jon Wardle 28 May 2021

New drugs work against the many strains of hepatitis C found in African countries

Around the world, 71-million people have been infected with the hepatitis C virus.

By John McLauchlan 27 May 2021

Low trust in authorities affects vaccine uptake: evidence from 22 African countries

In a time when the world is focusing on Covid-19 vaccines, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has highlighted the importance of routine immunisations for diseases such as measles, tetanus and polio...

By Jean-Francois Maystadt, Kalle Hirvonen & Nik Stoop 21 May 2021

People with HIV are still dying from a treatable, but neglected, disease: all it needs is a plan

Thembi Ngubane was a young woman who became famous through the American National Public Radio show Thembi's Aids Diary: A Year in the Life of a South African Teenager....

By Gilles van Cutsem 17 May 2021

Over 100 countries back Trips waiver on Covid-19 vaccines

South Africa's proposal to waiver specific Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (Trips) obligations related to the manufacturing of Covid-19 vaccines is now supported by over 100 countries...

7 May 2021

Pfizer vaccine hits SA shores

The country's vaccination programme on Sunday reached a welcomed milestone with Health Minister, Dr Zweli Mkhize, announcing the arrival of the first batch of the Pfizer vaccination doses...

3 May 2021

Scabies: the neglected tropical disease no one wants to talk about

Some diseases are more likely to enter public conversation than others. Covid-19 has dominated the public discourse in 2020...

By Michael Head 22 Apr 2021

South African healthcare workers are at high risk of contracting hepatitis B

South African healthcare workers were found to be at high risk of contracting hepatitis B, even though a vaccine can provide life-long immunity...

13 Apr 2021

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