Healthcare Trends 2020

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Ebola posters in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Olivia Acland / Barcroft Media via Getty Images /
Sierra Leone is using lessons from Ebola to prepare for coronavirus

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19, started at the end of 2019 in Wuhan, China. It is spreading rapidly around the world and countries face many challenges in preventing and managing the spread of a new virus within and across borders...

1 day ago

Commuters jam a Toronto subway platform. Widespread adoption of habits that help prevent infection may boost behavioural herd immunity.
Coronavirus: How behaviour can help control the spread of COVID-19

Amid the carnage of the First World War, a flu epidemic took hold in the front-line trenches and subsequently spread around the world, infecting one-quarter of the world's total population and ultimately killing more people than the war itself...

By Peter Hall 1 day ago

Company news
Health facilities on high alert to deal with coronavirus

Although there are no reports or suspected cases of the coronavirus in South Africa, all the country's health facilities are on high alert to deal with any eventuality...

18 Feb 2020

Lassa fever: why there's a call to declare a health emergency in Nigeria

The Nigerian Academy of Science has called for the current outbreak of Lassa fever in Africa's most populous nation to be declared a national health emergency because of its severity...

13 Feb 2020

Coronavirus outbreak: a new mapping tool that lets you scroll through timeline

In the final weeks of 2019, a virus slipped furtively from animal to human somewhere in the Chinese city of Wuhan. This inauspicious moment marked the sounding of a starting pistol, unheard at first but now echoing deafeningly across the globe. The race to stop a pandemic had begun...

By Edward Parker 12 Feb 2020

False information fuels fear during disease outbreaks: there is an antidote

False allegations and rumours about the coronavirus outbreak have been running riot on social media and in some mainstream media...

By Marina Joubert 10 Feb 2020

Quarantines have tried to keep out disease for thousands of years

The recent global spread of a deadly coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China, has led world leaders to invoke an ancient tradition to control the spread of illness: quarantine...

By Leslie S. Leighton 5 Feb 2020

Nigeria and disease outbreaks. Better prepared, but still weak spots

Early this year, China confirmed the first case of a new strain of coronavirus (2019nCoV) isolated from a cluster of people with a respiratory syndrome in Wuhan...

By Folasade Ogunsola 4 Feb 2020

Fear spreads easily. That's what gives the Wuhan coronavirus economic impact

One way to count the cost of the Wuhan coronavirus is by how many people catch it, and then how many die. Another is the direct financial costs of public health measures to treat those infected and contain its spread...

By Ilan Noy 30 Jan 2020

China building 1,000-bed hospital in 6 days to fight Coronavirus

The government of China is building a new 1,000-bed hospital in only six days to fight the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan City...

30 Jan 2020

Perspectives from Kenya and Ghana on coronavirus preparations

Chinese officials have identified a novel coronavirus which belongs to a family of viruses that cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases...

29 Jan 2020

SA beefs up surveillance amid coronavirus outbreak

The National Health Department says while there is no cause for panic with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China, it has beefed up surveillance at the country's ports of entry...

28 Jan 2020

Explainer: a history of the measles virus and why it's so tenacious

The measles virus has been a part of human life for thousands of years. A recent study suggests that it appeared about 4,000 years ago, originating from a virus affecting livestock...

By Matthew Ferrari 28 Jan 2020

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